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All wheel drive traffic on the three is what's going on now, Mike Well, things are pretty good up to the north, and I think the worst of it is over with here as we start the five o'clock hour on the highways 1 28 North. Sounds good from Waltham all the way up into Wakefield. Really? Nothing in your way. It was just a little while ago that 93 North was jammed, coming up through summer villain Medford from an earlier crash crash is gone. The delays have eased out. It's good right up to 1 28, in fact, right up to the New Hampshire line through one's running an average 18 minutes from the Tobin Bridge up to the Lynnfield Tunnel. That's pretty good. How's the expressway? Well, let's check in with the mob for insurance copter. Well, still slow getting out of the O'Neill Talia on the expressway South bound like that down through Dorchester until you're down around Columbia Road in the Fortress Building picks up for a little bit slow down again at the Dorchester Yacht Club, heading down the gas tank of that one more time First Parkway. I just cleared out of this one is a little heavy getting my deposit that's about it. They're offering insurance. Copter mails were to the south. Things really aren't so bad. 93 North found reduced speeds will call it 95 through 24. There is a stop and go with the start of 24 south after that, a little backup getting by for 95 in Raina. Through three South down a little slow coming out of Braintree. That's really about it. The mass turnpike spin in good shape all day. It still is downtown. The usual backups. The Tobin Bridge out bounce backed onto the loop ramp. Storrow Drive East. A little stop and go coming into Lefferts Circle. My king with Double D B Z is traffic on the three very cool Denied forties in some of the chilliest suburbs will be about 50 forward. So downtown hazy sunshine tomorrow. Temperatures into the mid seventies with gusty breeze. Developing a little breezy tomorrow night, mainly clear low 61 son gives way.

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