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You're listening to start talk. Looking back to start off from the American Newseum natural history right here in New York City featuring my interview with global pop superstar. Katy Perry, and I ask Katie about her hit song called ET as in extraterrestrial, check it out. So tell me about aliens you. It was about ET was in metaphor was a little metaphor, but that's the thing is like I have an ant farm in there. How do you know we are not an an form equivalent of a species found humidity that found humans, entertaining, and said, let's make a place for them with a think they are free and they put him on earth free. That's why I was on call chain to the rhythm. You know, it's like you think you're free, but we're all chained to the rhythm to the rhythm drink this one's on me, but we're all chained to the rhythm. And so when I look at ants and I just think of an aunt, I just think I'm speck of of sand or I also like sometimes we're that speck of San that like accidentally gets in your mouth and it's like, I can feel that. Big completely there there. I don't like it at all, or I do like it or who knows? But that's why that's what the ant farm in their represents is just like, you know, sometimes we are chained to this idea and constructs and things that we think we should be or things at the world tells us to be like, how do we think I helps. Or can we even think for ourselves? So if one morning you woke up and the ants catapulted themselves out of the end for him, they thought for themselves. Celebrate that, or would you freak out the answer chief consciousness? They realized they were in a matrix and that their creators were humans. Who constructed this prison that they think is a universe unto itself. Could that be us? I'm just gonna impress control, delete on this whole. You guys have an in-form. I didn't sit here. Yeah, yeah, I haven't at farm. I carry it with me everywhere. There it is. They really do them and Grumman data's berry Jones. Tito Marlin and. Yeah, they're making a little pass for themselves and just just live in Levin life. So I thought only kids had informed, but apparently, Charles. Why do you think like this thing? Well, I know that some psychologists that when you're developing as a child, you like to see how other things behave so that you can model you own behavior after them. Oh, but as we grow older, of course, we don't behave like an so I suspect it's more the laws lines of curiosity and trying to see what will happen. It's almost like watching the TV show. You don't know the answer to watching a sporting event where you don't know who's gonna win, and just seeing what develops and that in self is a fascinating thing that allows us to sort of explore behavior. So what do you think of my hypothesis or the plausibility argument that I gave that we could be an form of an intelligent alien species and they establish earth own entertainment to watch us earth. Well, there are plenty of science fiction stories that suggest some similar things like this. Also twenty. How do you are you? Are you with that? Or the rationalist philosopher Rene, Descartes suggested that we would not be able to tell the difference whether or not we were in somebody's and farm or whether they current of cartesian coordinates. That's one, I think, therefore I am that one guy that guy. So when we're thinking about whether or not we are in some sort of other creation, the only thing that matters to us when we're in it is are the rules consistent, right? If I dropped something ten thousand times, will it always fall in the way I predicted or will on the ten thousand first time suddenly flies off into space that inconsistencies? The thing that will tip us off to suggest that there's something non natural going on. Otherwise, the matrix this, but the good. Twice. I get it. S. Katy Perry, what she would do if aliens ever visited us here on earth, maybe they are observing us, but maybe one day they just wanna come down, chill..

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