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The politics setting the record straight clear utah conservative politicians get even with the local liberal media the populist politicians evil democrats of the rhinos are trying to undermine utah republican party smack down saturday morning we are giving here is far of old media more claude urged at demonized the legislature turned down for a what what what good morning utah i am senator howard stevenson and i'm conner boyer back with liberties institute and you're listening to inside utah politics setting the record straight where we bring you two hours of red meat radio as an alternative to those sissy saturday morning guard shows good morning went around good morning connor that's name discussion right i i still feel that i have an iceberg tip of knowledge about this but i need to know more we're gonna we're gonna expand this bitcoin discussion this cryptocurrency discussion because i think our listeners need to know whether you feel you understand it or not this is extremely important to you and your future and the secure already of your assets the question is would you want have wanted to know more about the internet back in the early days of email it's now revolutionized our world i think we're at that point with this technology where it behooves us to understand more because it's going to begin to impact much more of our lives are industry and everything else so uh now gore invented the internet internet maybe that's why a lot of conservatives didn't wanna learn about it real or early on but or at least he claimed to uh but the person who invented bitcoin cryptocurrency said toshie knock komodo and whether he's a person or she's a person or group of persons we don't know if i own probably never will know what we found out who deep throat was with uh with the nixon fiasco yeah but we've probably never know who the end why don't they want to be known as a great question will have to ask them as should they ever be revealed one thing i find fascinating is this person or groups.

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