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The father's a couple of fathers of two of the thirteen Us marines that were killed in that suicide bombing. Last week are really upset. Because well let me. Just get into the darren. Hoover father marine staff. Sergeant taylor who were told. Fox news sean. Hannity that president biden every time. A flag-draped coffin was removed from the hold of the air force. C seventeen during the ceremony at dover air force base on sunday president biden. Look down at his watch. After every coffin was removed. That's weird. He said they would release. The salutini looked at his watch on everyone mall thirteen. He looked at his watch. Nervous thing maybe. Oh absolutely. I mean you know. The president didn't wanna be there. You know that. Mark schmidt's whose twenty year old son marine lance corporal judgments died in the attack corroborated hoover stories. I actually leaned into my son's mother's ear. And i said i swear to god if he checks his watch one more time and that was only probably four times in yeah. He says i couldn't look at them anymore. After that just considering especially the time in why we were there. I found it to be the most disrespectful disrespectful thing i've ever seen now the schmitz family did have a meeting with the president before the ceremony. But he said that didn't go well he said He talked a bit more about his own son. Beau biden than he did my son and that didn't sit well with me. Probably said something like well you know. I lost a salad and ride hoover. Hoover wouldn't meet with president his family. He said we said absolutely not. We don't want to deal with him. We didn't want him anywhere near us. We as a family decided that was the way it was going to be and you can understand how he felt. Oh yeah you really can't blame them. I think maybe will with the passage passage of a little time. You know they might be able to see past. You know the the i. I wanna say politic say the politics but as more than politics because the question is whether this president is acting in a rational manner with regard to the way this all went down but on the other hand. You have to say These these men sons volunteered to join the marines and he knew that that was a dangerous job regardless of what happened to where they were sent. And it wasn't the president's fault that there was a suicide bomber. You might get past that point. But i started. I don't think. I don't think i would have done it any differently if i was there. But it was everything that led up to that point right. I wouldn't have wanted to meet him either. Said nope i'm gonna take a pass on that. Teddy officials discovered an additional fifteen terabytes of dallas police evidence and files from the city. Secretary's office were missing as that ongoing audit continues of data. That was deleted by mistake. This is this really crazy city. Also fired and information technology employee. Friday in connection with the lost evidence. Apparently they were trying to upgrade the system. Or you know. Transfer information from a storage cloud to a local server and during that whole transition process there was a permanent loss of what they thought was seven and a half terabytes of information back in april but now they say that was twenty two and a half point five terabytes of information so the officials say they aim to complete the audit. By september thirtieth. I'm sure what kind of crimes or how many cases may be involved. Said he also said as possible the audit will cover more missing evidence and we've already seen cases in which people charged with. They've been released from jail right. They don't have the evidence to back it up. Mcdonald's temporarily closing indoor dining at nearly all us locations early twenty twenty. They reopened them by last month. But the global burger chain said back in july. It was on track to open one hundred percent by labor day. But mcdonald's just instructed its franchisees on steps they should take to reclosed their dining rooms because of delta wonder how many people really care you know i if the drive-thrus open will you really looking forward to going in southern down and having a nice comfy lunch at mcdonalds or king. I usually just go through the drive. Yeah even if. I go inside to get the food for some reason. There's like usually the only reason i ever go inside is used the bathroom and then to you to by the food while i'm in there but i take it to go and i go sit in my car but more comfortable air conditioner. Let's go bell is closing some of its locations at eight pm now instead of midnight. Well here late night. Customers make up about twenty percent of business. That's right everybody gets the munchies out partying right. I'll tell you what's going on with coffee. I know you're just tell me how much you buy the coffee for for us earth. Yes and how much was it. You said when i get. I get the The starbucks ground in the bag You know you can get into the grocery stores. I usually on On amazon or something. But i noticed. And i can't. I wish i could tell you what size bag it is. It's like you know what you do for the grocery store night. It was up to seventeen dollars a bag. Yeah wow yeah is last a you and me about a week and a half bad when you tell me that. He gave me twenty bucks. That's all right. I appreciate it. Appreciate the help i drink most of the coffee anyway but Caught not only is the cost going up but It's it's going to continue to go up apparently because in brazil the world's biggest grower they've had a lot of weather trouble i. They had a drought than they had a frost that killed a lot of the coffee trees and now bloomberg reports a serious supply problem because vietnam which apparently is the second new second biggest producer of coffee. Beans vietnam has imposed a strict lockdown on the exporting hub of ho chee min city formerly known better known as saigon as well as restrictions and key growing areas because a it and there's a shortage of shipping containers sky shipping rates related to the pandemic. My brother-in-law who's in the clothing business was talking about that the other day and how it used to cost. I forget what he was saying. Maybe five thousand dollars to ship products over in a shipping container. And now it's like thirty. It's like insane. These the the cost of the pandemic that we don't really take into consideration very often until you get hit with it personally and you start to realize like i've told you before i don't normally check the prices of anything in the grocery store. Just oh i do no. I'm not. I'm not a shopper. I'm a. I'm a hunter i go in and hunt the food that i want just begged me a piece of chicken. Got bag me some coffee and i'm outta here but it would jumps up in your face like seventeen dollars. Well you know what's happening now. I mean in the past starbucks and other companies. Like duncan and things like that didn't have to jack up the prices because they buy an advance. Yeah so they can hedge against some markets right but now that starting to catch up with them yeah this mentioned jam smucker which owns duncan and folger's They ought to just shut down their copy. Coffee operations altogether. That's the worst coffee in the world. Donkin dunkin alternate wrongful. Just horrible. i see. I grew up on dunkin. Well that's fine. That's i can't i can't. Those are two brands of iced coffee and has a weird sour taste description of dunkin coffee. I like it okay. Not all the time but sometimes..

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