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Fbi not under oath who is the most incredible thing any was ever seen she lied many times nothing happened doer glenn lie and it's like they ruined is life very unfair thank you very much he remember and when you hear it when you hear the the democrats say about how how trump tried obstructed justice you know his obstructing justice was making a comment to two james comey that said hey you know what i hope you go easy on this guy i'm man that was obstructing justice wasn't it no i think they brought up a vote in the senate senator the house this past week about a a wanting to start impeachment on trump over that anna everybody voted no even the democrats say hey you know you're an idiot uh there's there's nothing to an impeach him about so i'll let me make a few other comments here i remember i hillary had two aids obama abidine there was a boom aberdeen wiener anthony wieners former wife was his wife at the at the time but that didn't make it through the election so you may aberdeen in cheryl mills both led to the fbi about whether they knew about the secret service are both said they did not the both of them talked about the hillary server in emails released by the fbi and what happened to them you get it nothing not a damn thing i dunno does that anger you all but trump obstructed justice he's no good k morons morons morons morons here's the real collusion evidence of collusion on hillary clinton side continues the poor in this week it was revealed that an fbi agent named peter strasbourg frequently texas met his mistress messages with strong anti trump proclinton bias often taking on a mocking phone of trump in light of this information stras it became such a political liability that special counsel robert mueller had a booed him off the russia investigation most of us had never heard of strasbourg before this week but records show the he was a second highest ranking official in the counter intelligence division division of the fbi.

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