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The microsoft engineers said he was tracing it back to taiwan china. This justin john about. That's dad's gonna do dairy ago while there's another one to the the free voting or early voting in georgia for the fifth for the runoff of the two senate is in progress as we speak and these guys. These jokes claim without evidence at the time. But i believe it to be trooped that wild while people were voting for the runoff election. There whitehat security hackers had hacked into the machine and we're in it while voting was taking place snow now there's multiple teams working on this and our technology team into it and as was broke early in the week and last week about connected devices at this very moment at a polling location in the county. Not only do we now have access to the devices to the poll pad the system that we are in. And it's not supposed to have wifi and that's not supposed to be able to happen. So we've docket documented now it's communicating to laze in real time mean next receiving data and sending data should never happen. Shouldn't be wi fi. We've now documented in real time so we can sit down the data but that's going on right there where everybody's voting dramatic revelation. I'm sure it's true shirov. I'm sure it's all true off my phone. I don't know about that. But i it's seems seems like that's the way it would go. Okay i wanna play let's get to. Let's get to euros. Get good stuff okay. Let's start with first of all a lot of this was triggered by dr kim. A big q people who is caught on camera at a park talking four little kids. Oh she had a big sign. Who red white. Who is dr kim familiar with. I have no idea what dr kim is but she some cute per person. Oh she's a she's making she's making these claims about acu- And you wanna play because this kind of triggered my imagination. Say oh this could be. Where where's this coming from choubey. So don't we need goggles for this. Is this safe. What you're asking me to On the wrong side of it. I think we better not take the goggles. Otherwise it would confuse matters okay. So let's just listen to dr q. Talk to these kids now. I don't know how the ability as i played with quite a bit clip to make it so you can hear it okay. So my name's tammy and you ask cunanan's right you want to know. What have you ever heard of. Have you ever seen stickers around thank you talking about. You can order this. Have you heard of the military before right. have you heard of defense intelligence agencies. You've probably heard of like so best. One department of intelligence. That's wrong wrong. To saying department of intelligence defense intelligence agency do. We need accurate with. She may be inaccurate with some other commentary on defense design. Wait want sunday almost like for technology using a quantum computer to post messages from the future. Real time i know. It's crazy tyler. Are you going away. Benji to show miles. So it's toasty from speaks using face life and technology. Y'all time to the internet on this is dom okay is saying i also never bring up cunanan. This is dumb well. She had a big q flag. She's accused on pride never. I've never heard of her so she just arango. Cunanan heard her. Simon parke park. So let's go. He's got to carry cassidy. Show kerry cassidy has a podcast called something. Well hold on hold on this god-like productions who've been around for twenty years with woman. Nutjob shit. I think got banned from the show years ago. Most talkative woman. I've ever heard ever and so i cut out the first twenty five minutes before she finally gets to the point. We get to listen to. Simon parke because i think they're trying to change the narrative this clip. I'm playing playing here. Is simon parke on kerry cast these q one oops then we're talking about You know the crap in supercomputer. They're calling it. Alice supercomputer and And the data that they've got from the nsa than the dueling elections and saying that would be the final arbiter of which alex set. And just just so. We're clear pence being the final arbiter of which ballot which electoral votes will be accepted. You disagree with that. That's not.

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