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Live from npr news in washington i'm janine herbst negotiations to end the partial government shutdown that started after midnight have been unproductive so far senate democrats want to reach a side agreement on immigration legislation before they give the necessary support to pass a stopgap funding measure but his impair susan davis reports president trump says he won't engage in talks until the government reopens and both sides are blaming each other senate leaders exchanged jabs on the senate floor over who's to blame for the shutdown majority leader mitch mcconnell said minority leader chuck schumer provoke the impasse only other show all the great leader who unfortunate hostage situation at led his party under this untenable position but schumer pushback arguing president trump has been an unreliable negotiating partner in immigration talks negotiating with president trump is like negotiating with jello mcconnell is trying to build support for a new stopgap bill to reopen the government through february eighth susan davis npr news the capital demonstrators filled the streets in the nation's capital and other cities and around the country in the world today to mark the first anniversary of the women's march and fears hansie lo long reports new york city officials eight tens of thousands of marchers turned out in manhattan they marched from west of central park to near times square many wearing pink knitted pussy hats and carrying signs calling for president trump to be impeached amy williams came from queens we currently have a gusting men in the white house who doesn't respect women and think he has a right to tell us what we can do it out bodies and i'm not for that mega sampson also from queens said she's preparing for the midterm election we have less than a year i think we need to use spend it registering voters and then when november comes closer to reach out to those voters and knock on their doors can this call them sampson said the marchers need to show up at the polls on zulu news new york vicepresident pence has completed the first leg of his trip to the middle east as an pierced keith reports in egypt president trump's decision to move the us ambassador embassy to israel to jerusalem came up as an issue president trump's decision to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel was widely condemned in the.

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