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He had his back up tight in Jacob Hollister Open. 15 yards down the field without anybody around him at the Giants 28. First in 10, Seattle. There's an injury to Blake Martinez, a guy they Giants cannot afford to lose their leading tackler. The big create an acquisition from Green Bay in the offseason, leaves this Giants team in tackles. It is tied for fourth in the NFL. Over 100 tackles are ready to seize it. For Martinez, who has been active today for the Giants Defense 7 35 remaining He's a guy that has tremendous diagnosis. He's underrated as an athlete. A lot of times when you start hearing about guys that are smart, instinctual football players, you assume that means they can't run. The reality is Martinez is a great athlete, but he also couples that He also couples that with the ability to diagnose and he's no wasted movement, he's not a guy that false steps. He's a guy that not quick to bite on a play action fake. He's not a guy that bite. On that outfit up, move it from a tight in position. 1st and 10 for the Seahawks. At the Giants 28 yard line. Searching 7 20 to play 17 5 New York Shotgun for Wilson, three receivers to the right, Carson. The running back on his left and motion goes the Tide and Hollister Here here. Giant showing Blitz five on the play clock. Wilson from the pocket under pressure moves up throws deep over the middle. It's caught and dropped. Was a wobbler from Metcalf, who could.

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