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This comes only a day after investigators say it was m h each seventeen missile owned by a russian brigade brigade that took the plane down unit was serving in the ukraine all two hundred ninety eight people on board died two thirds of the passengers were dutch now russia repeated yesterday that nothing to do with the incident north korea seems still willing to meet with the us after president trump cancelled the summit between him at the north korean leader a statement on north korean state media from top officials said trump's decision is out of step with what the rest of the world wants the official said a summit with the us is important to resolve the tension between the two countries trump's cited harsh rhetoric coming out of the north as the reason he pulled out of this summit that's brian shook reporting police investigating an explosion near a restaurant outside toronto that sent more than a dozen people the local hospitals paramedics were called to the bombay bell restaurant and ontario last night i there are fifty individuals that have been his forty two local hospitals and a trauma center the injury are still being assessed at this time two suspects captured on security video and they're still at large investigators say it was an i e d using net explosion here's another mystery a man is in critical condition orem see this morning after he was shot during rush hour traffic on state road four zero eight and still no idea who pulled the trigger that twenty one year old victim was found shot in his car on the side of the road the driver's side window shattered a woman flagged down this former army medic on just over real quick and ran back there and saw gentlemen the car behind me bleeding so broke the window and tried to help them out the best i could he says the victim was shot in the side of his head investigators haven't told us if this had anything to do with road rage or another motive we'll keep you updated as we learn more samantha jordan news ninety six five wdbo morning five oh five now on orlando's morning news updated.

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