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And it's not really been necessarily a mainstream kind of a show so far this evening but that's fine arnie that's fine i think you paint golfing and unfair light you you treat it some of the tweets that we've got coming in and we'll see a lot of people think the way i do i not doubting that but let me before you jump to twitter don't you think that you're being a little bit unfair you act like oh well we were the tough kids and all we did with each other up and walk around with her shoes off in goldfield both ways to school i mean you don't have to be some uptight country club snob in order to enjoy the sport of golf or to play the sport of golf should hit the breaking news sounder then i didn't know that i come on let's look up from from the bronx new york i've told you that and like i said you know we played baseball we played basketball we played football we didn't say hey you know what everybody run upstairs get your golf clubs we're gonna head on down to the public course and go play around or something like that that that wasn't an vocabulary you just didn't do that and yeah it is cultural it is where you're from i mean i in the bronx new york we didn't even talk about that that was so far from where we were wouldn't even funny chris but here's here's my point to you just that doesn't mean everyone that does it is wait a minute i thought you were in la i thought you went to palisades high school suddenly you are you from the mean streets of the bronx whenever you went to the same high school as jeanie buss on what they want they grow to pour in the products my dad would shoot at some food like jed clampett and cable oil then and we moved to los angeles that that's pretty much the short of it so it seems as if you've got a lot of different identities and wow i don't you got you.

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