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Many marriages today are in trouble and likely headed for divorce yet, interestingly more often than not, and this is the tragedy of many divorces more often than not it is embarrassingly and surprisingly little that has to be done to turn a very bad marriage into a very good marriage psychiatrist. Dr John Jacobs, author of the book all you need is love and other lies about marriage. And I believe that this this is because people who get married generally really love each other and generally really want their marriages to work and over time when they're disappointed they behave often very badly. And it takes very little positive reinforcement from a spouse for people to get their hope back. So what's the first step to fixing a broke? Marriage. If your spouse comes over to you and says, let's stop fighting. I really love you. I know what you need in this marriage. I'm gonna try my best to give it to you. If you're not getting what you want. Let me know what I could do better. If you take that attitude, and I really appreciate you. And I really glad I'm married you. If you start talking that way with your spouse, it is remarkable how fast he marriage. It looks like it's going absolutely nowhere, but downhill can reverse it at somethingyoushouldknow dot net. I'm Mike Carruthers in that something you should know. WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty..

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