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We have a great community there at facebook. Jusuf behind the steel curtain. We have over one hundred thousand followers on that platform. And you're gonna notice if you're watching us live that there's only two of us that there's no third. I'm joined by dave scofield editor behind the curtain. Tacoma's up dave. How are you this this evening. Night was i'm fine. i'm ready for week one. Let's get right. We are to everyone is in no. Brian anthony davis. He's a little under the weather tonight. I said hey. Brian if you're not feeling well This is the week to take off. It's like a bi week so there's no previewing an actual game. We're just talking about stuff. So brian stake in the night off. He's been busy working hard We had some big news on the podcast platform. Recently the month of august was our largest month ever for the podcast platform. And so that's huge news That that is all. That's thing about that. That's just the priests he's in No real regular season games at beat last november. So dave. You're a big part of that ain't podcast platform. Hey we it doesn't matter if people don't listen you know all about it's we say that's not it's not about us it's about you. Yeah but it's worth for listening and and caring and by again to checking out. Bts's whether the podcast side on the editorial side or hopefully both and hopefully we are your one-stop shop for all things. Pittsburgh steelers right. And if you didn't know about the body apply from anywhere we get your podcast. I did you steelers or behind the steel curtain. You'll find us so they're spotify apple podcast. Google doesn't matter it really doesn't matter so just want to make that announcement. Dave i want to give you a platform to talk about a little give way. We are doing Go ahead an alien preview. This on the scarborough show not for sure that people need to have heard a bunch. But it's worth reiterating so go ahead and talk about that. Yeah i i. I'm so glad you remember. Because i forgot through my started that yes. We are doing our once again. Third annual we gotta say third annual. Because it's our third time we've been at each year where we are doing a a survivor. Pool. i came up with this idea. Because you know. I know andrew lavar. This year did a did a fantasy football. You only have so many people that can do that with this. We can have as many we. Just start making you know i i. I thought we could just have his what. Then i realized you gotta cut off each league one hundred. We're in the league to already. And it's filling up so we but we'll just making new leagues all the people that would like to do it. Everyone's invited just ask that you only do one entry per user name. We don't even have an age requirement. You know if you've got if you're under eighteen it's okay we just gotta give the prize away if you win to an adult and for those who do not know what survivor. Football is real. Quick week one. You pick game if that team pick one team. If that team wins you move on to week to if he loses. You're out then you go to week to you got to do it again. And the only stipulation is. You can't use the same team twice once you use a team. You can't use them anymore. And if you make it far enough. We get the week fifteen. Then you gotta start picking two teams every week so The first year that we did it we didn't make it that far last year we did last year. We did but this year. The prizes on autographed joe haden football. I feel bad. Because i haven't even for this show. So what is it. jeff know. I'm laughing because it's like what you said. It was the date of the rainy article on the website. Announcing its joe haden autograph but which is really cool. I mean we've had some big name. Players did marquees pouncey last year. Believe go two years ago. So you're right last year. Was patsy last wisconsin. Who was two years ago. David decastro okay. So we've ever some big name players that were given away autographed. Footballs and then the same day. I had to write the article. Joe haden about that extension. I'm just gonna test free agency because they were too far away on. Yeah for sure. that's what it is. He's like joins. If that's all you can offer me. Now that yeah. Let's wait till next year. So yeah the problem with no. It wasn't just the same day. It was the very next article. The next article was the content law. Mom just now. That was funny but it's lots of fun. Make sure you get in. Their staff is in there. I tried to get all of us in the first one sort of people that signed up. I got to be with all the staff. But they didn't. All this does is coach. Mr captain blue checkmark in there at all yet. I don't i don't know i talked to him today. And just didn't even think about asking him that. Yeah yeah so. I'm not sure if he's gonna get him one of them. Yeah we'll we'll make sure you get there. But i'll go ahead if you're listening right now on youtube or facebook live. I'll go ahead and give you the info to the league. That's left right now. I gotta say. I think there's a about thirty spots left in league two. Yeah there's thirty one left in the second league as it fills up that. I'll just update the article with thirdly but right now if you would like to enter i gotta look at this here. You could go to yahoo survival football and the group. Id number is one five four zero five one five four zero five and the group..

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