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Who were not ready to play just yet second morning your radio and tv partners around the country we say good morning to the nbc sports network direct tv's audience network channel two thirty nine and the three hundred eight radio cities around america mic levin we'll have a poll question for you you'd like to get in touch with the program a variety of ways it can tweet fdp show email dp dan patrick dot com and our phone number eight seven seven three d p show let me dive into the ry irving situation since yesterday we were a here in long island in new york and once the cairo irving news broke that was the topic of conversation on the movie said believe it or not everybody was speculating weirdest cairo ravine career being wanna go why would he want to get out of cleveland why would you not want to play with lebrun um and and there's a variety of answers there of where he could end up an plus how do the information get out that's what i wanted to know that he meets with dan gilbert then lebron james reportedly as angry now if you were saying would you like to have a camera on lebrun james when he finds out about this or would you like to have had a camera when cairo goes into dan gilbert and says i want to be traded mm i'm going to guess lebrun when somebody says hey do herewith guided like what what would happen yet he wants out he doesn't want play you anymore.

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