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You know, you get all the benefits of farm with none of the detriments. And I we know attack. We learned this at might have been CS last year. It was the year before that they cancelled the original second Holland's because it wasn't enough of an advance. And so this is technically the third one. But it's the second one they're going to release, and I assume that they will maybe fixes the wrong word, but improve the field of you as well. Which We'll is see why you're. why you're going, isn't it? You wanna make sure it's not a mail slot. I have I'm a closet hall ends fan. I I kind of don't appreciate the grief. I've gotten over this. No. I don't. Closet. Paul into the light it. It will get better. Some of the best Microsoft demos. I've ever done. We're holland's. Right. I mean as as. It as inappropriate as product is as a mass market device, which it isn't. It was never meant to be some of the demos are astonishingly. Good. Right. You know, the thing where you you fixing the electrical outlet, and the guy's helping you via the video thing floating next to it. It's it's genius. I mean, you know, the video game with the creatures are coming out of the wall, which is something no one should never do with Holland's. But it's fun. You know, it's it's it's demo about a year ago of a halloween's competitor called meta was really cool looking and they had things coming out of the walls, and it was fun. It just went belly up. Yeah. Go on forever. I remember when we did the live demo of Hollandse windows. An ambulance flying around the it was a real time view of the planes landing and taking off from sheep. All and. Yeah. And you could kind of you know, it seem in the room. I mean, there wasn't much practically it was a demo. Right. So it's not like grab a plan and do stuff to it. But, but you could I mean, that's the the point of it is this is a different way to visualize data. And it's really interesting in that case, I think to see with that looks like around you in a very immersive way. It's cool. I think it's very interesting. Julia white is part of this discussion because somebody's somebody has to be the person who's like guys, you know, what this is all about though, this is about intelligent cloud. Intelligent edge business devices right at like bring it back to reality. And not just talk. I mean, they're going to definitely talk pie in the sky futures. Because Alex kitman is they are. But it's also. Remind people like his a real device here for real customers. And you know. No, I think what's I think the big difference between now and four years ago is they have all the real world experience to know what worked and what didn't work, and they can say, look here's a product that is going to meet real needs. And I think that's great because Holland's has always had like an almost Microsoft researchy, kind of you know, fire out there kind of vibe, and the fact that they've it's found some kind of a home in a market is great. And I you know, and now they can approve it. That's good. It's exciting. I'd like to see them do well with it. There's it must competitor. Sure. You want to take a little tiny time out. And then we got to talk about windows ten. We haven't done that yet hoof. Hoof? And maybe we'll throw in some XBox. I don't know. Now, maybe they're experts Now, now. there is no. A reference to it. Xboxes is Jill. Our show today brought to you by what's he it's hot hot cloud storage to be exact with Saab as data storage. That's eighty percent cheaper and six times the speed of the industry leader AWS. It's really good. And I have to say I have a little bit of an insight into the beginnings of whistle because it was started by two good friends of mine, David friend, who was the founder of carbonite. But before that, the he been the Arp synthesizer. He's really wonderful serial, entrepreneurs smart guy, his guy tech guy. Jeff flowers four carbonite..

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