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Boeing field areas looking good to southbound four oh five some minor slowdowns right around new castle down toward state route one six nine your next couple traffic at five twenty four the como eco roof forecast in just a moment let me tell you this update on traffic sponsored by the world class positions at only worth focusing on safety and then offering or the live virtual consultations with specialists during the Copa nineteen outbreak only worth what has your back your knee or hip you get it well the ortho dot com as far as eagle river forecast goes we'll have clouds tonight near fifty tomorrow mainly cloudy a few sun breaks and temperatures popping up into the sixties before weather weather comes back Wednesday and with some sunshine in downtown Seattle in spots that's warmed our downtown temperature to sixty seven degrees at five fifteen stay connected stay informed the northwest only twenty four hour news station komo news I'm Rick fansites with Lisa Jaffe our editor Jeremy greater target will continue to pay its employees more amid the corona virus pandemic the CEO Brian Cornell says the two dollar an hour pay raise for their employees will now go through July fourth the events leading up to the eruption of mount St Helens forty years ago today raised questions in the days that followed questions about whether political leaders heeded the warnings of scientists or whether scientists downplayed the danger we have that story now from Cuomo's Ryan Harris those questions were explored a year later by komo journalists Mike Nestor often John Sandifer who reported that between March fifteenth and may.

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