Ron Perlman, Twitter, Russia discussed on Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour Podcast


I mean, I don't know if it's better if you watch him or you read a transcript, it's all incomprehensible. Isn't it? What he's saying? Out of my field of vision. I just need to see him. Gone need to see him gone. He's really being drained on spirituality of everything that makes life worth living. He hasn't killed it. Don't get me wrong. I still live a tremendous life, right? And all these motherfucking trolls on Twitter, talk about my misery. Fuck you, man. I'm the luckiest guy in the world. I live in the greatest life in the world that doesn't take away from the fight. I can actually walk and chew gum on, like, you know, you're twisted vision of the world. I can actually have an amazing life, beautiful family, great relationships with friends career and everything like that and still be completely sickened and outraged by what this man is doing to the things that make life worth living. And that includes public, but it's not exclusive to the Republic. This really fucking hate. It's like these, the news stories that they're the only real patriots. The people held holding up signs saying, thank you, Russia. Spreads than Trump and you know Hollywood liberals like Ron Perlman who you're right. You need to give a fuck about anybody. You have a great life, you plenty of money, but what you do actually care about the people he's fucking in the red states. Right. I mean, that's the difference. Well, like I care desperately what. But about..

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