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Fans sandy west and I'm here to take you on a journey back to this week in sports history will start in nineteen oh one Cleveland blues picture more snow hits the Chicago White Sox for nine innings but loses the game in the ten forty two this week in nineteen oh four cy young pitches the first perfect game in modern baseball for the Boston Americans against the Philadelphia athletics jumping ahead this week in nineteen sixty one Baltimore Orioles Jim genteel hits two grand slams against the Minnesota Twins and finishes the game with nine RBIs this week in nineteen sixty six Baltimore Orioles outfielder Frank Robinson hits the first ball ever completely out of Baltimore's Memorial Stadium traveling five hundred and forty one feet this week in nineteen seventy and the Stanley Cup final at Boston garden Bobby for scores his famous overtime winner Boston pizza the St Louis blues forty three four four two zero series sweep it would be the Bruins first title since nineteen forty one this week in nineteen ninety two after trailing nine to nothing in the St Louis cardinals beat the Atlanta Braves twelve to eleven and this week in twenty fourteen to South Carolina outside linebacker Jadeveon Clowney the first picked by the Houston Texans in the NFL draft Clowney is now a free agent after playing twenty nineteen in Seattle and that's just some of what happened this week in sports history the weekend sports time capsule on radio hi dear Louis California sheriff says he refuses to arrest any business owner to make.

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