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So in bradley roby he was picked. I always i always kind of viewed as a second round pick. 'cause he was picked thirty first. All right we gotta take a break here. Well overdue yes. There's a few busts on this list but are some hints here. And so you're telling me between jerry. Jeudy noah fant bradley chubb dare polls all these picks that one out of three is not going to land. If i if i if you're a betting man colfax fee. Would you put fifty bucks on either jerry. Jeudy noah bradley chubb in five years for you to go back and say that worked out absolutely so if you trade those three picks you are getting rid of that one and three shot even the one in three shot so if you try if you trade trade. Three first round picks away for shawn watson. You're not going to even have the. Because i'm telling you man if i pick three guys in the first round next three years one's going to one of them's gonna hit in denver. Unfortunately because del elway struggled with drafts it was really one out of four with elway. But the whole reason. We'll bring a george peyton and here's because he's supposed to be better drafting. So denver is one out of four gable bradley chubb. We don't know yet. But so far one out of four garrett bowles has been a hit. Bradley roby was a von. Miller was a hit. So yeah you're closer to one out of three. So you're gonna give that up for shawn watson and if george peyton is as good as we say is the two out of three should hit productive and you don't you don't have to be the best defensive end in the history of the nfl to not be a bust. You gotta be good. I gotta see ten sacks from your next year. Bradley noah fant. I gotta see sixty plus catches and getting close to ten touchdowns from you jerry. Jeudy i gotta see eighty plus receptions and i got to flirt with a thousand yards and i got to see a flirting with ten plus. Td's that's what i got to see. I don't need you to be leading the league a lot a lot there a lot of what if still but yes right now doesn't look as great but i'm willing to take my chances on young talent. Coming in and no shawn. Watson is not unicor. Let's get the latest on the local sports flash here mornings with gail weekdays. Six to nine and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi. This is mark johnson voice for the colorado buffaloes. And you're.

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