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Five times what it was in 1994 fivefold five hundred percent a little more than that blew more than five hundred percent from ninety four to now on the salary cap in the nfl estimated to be a hundred and seventy eight million dollars coming up i saw another thing on twitter that interested me somebody complaining i guess they were watching espn and uh rick miller tweeted seriously espn's spending this much time on a twelve place finisher having gotten to the two that were in the play off or the winner and he's talking about golf with justin thomas and luke list in the play off and the fact that all they talked about tiger woods who finished wealth and it's a good point and it is so mediadriven this is when people say you know not so much fake news but that you are being directed like you're being told what to care about we're telling you that you should care more about tiger woods then you should be about the two guys that play the play offer one because they're dahlan tigers sizzle so we're going to lead with sizzle even though sizzle finish twelve and these two guys play the playoff and it is true and it is you wonder when it ends like when when does tiger woods become irrelevant when do we stop worrying about what he does in any tournament me to me it if it was two years ago but i'm not winning this battle and neither is rick miller here wrote this on twitter her you know they've decided what's important to them and they're going to put it up front and they think i guess it's not the golf and i guess they think they're general fan watching sports centre for college basketball whenever there watching it for whatever reason they turned it on his more interested in tiger than who won the tournament and that's their judgment and that's how they decide the lead so interesting to see that just an interesting take something i've been saying a long time is how do you know when a guy is dead to the public when will tiger woods finishes no longer be of interest and one day will happen and that the interesting thing is you just don't know when that.

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