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You know, all these things are happening. And this is a league den where 5 years ago, ten years ago. There weren't trades, nobody was trading. These things didn't happen. Yeah, you'd have the offhand occurrence where somebody at Carson Palmer became available or Brett Favre would end up being traded to the jets, but it wasn't a regular basis where last year we had. I want to say it was ten trades involving Pro Bowl players in a two week or 17 day span. Now all of a sudden you're once again talking about all these quarterback dominoes leaning on one another. The moment the first one falls and we'll see what happened with Derek Carr, but quite possibly that will be Aaron Rodgers declaring his intentions once that happens. I would anticipate a lot of these other things. We begin to move swiftly. What kind of leverage does Derek Carr have? Chair cars leverage is that he's a free agent. These other guys were talking about, you need to trade for them. So, you know, if you're looking at Derek Carr versus Jimmy Garoppolo, who is one more game, been to more playoffs than one more playoff games in Derek Carr, but also has been hurt substantially more. The Derek Carter is career, so you're evaluating him. Your evaluating Baker Mayfield, your potentially evaluating Daniel Jones, who will be shocking if the Giants did not end up franchise tagging him if they can't work out a long-term deal here. So the question you have to ask yourself if you're Derek Carr and his agency younger is our best offer going to come right now. Do we have an offer we feel comfortable taking? Because potentially, if Aaron Rodgers goes back to Green Bay, now all the seats are open and we've got all the leverage. Baron Rogers gets himself traded and Lamar gets himself traded. Now, it's the best seat there for Derek Carr. And so there's definitely a strategy to this entire thing. His leverage is, I'm available now. You can get me now and solve all your problems and you don't have to give up a pick to get me.

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