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Warner wolf to join us yeah now so glad coming in this morning I said you know finally we'll get a respite from all the corona talk and we'll have one around so Natalie tells me the first thing I want to want to want to talk about the corona virus well I don't want to deal with that you're you're known germaphobe arch your whole absolutely let me tell you as I had been shaking hands or shook hands if you want out in years you gave me a hug when I came down to see the Naples all hands on I never shook your hand no yes Sir you know he does with their hands but I he I used to wear gloves even in the summertime United Way only absolutely if you go to a restroom man I never picked up the toilet seat with my hand now here's my foot no I don't know I don't know I use because of pay Petro Canada but also to open the door and I never never touched the door knob you know sort of no absolutely you take a piece of of of how my god god will use it to analyze I'll tell you to me that one of I never understood this as been sixty years now was in the army and they used to emphasize gentleman you have to wash your hands you have to wash your hands before you eat that's the biggest germ carrier there is and then we walk to the Chow line and you have to do five pull ups on the bar everyone touched and then you're going to eat right yeah Hey Warner how would give me tips on how to keep your hands off your face everyone's now say no that's it in other words you touch something maybe pick up the germ on your hands but that you're not gonna get it unless you put it on your face huh so that's why I'm playing pickleball today I'm taking a a white sanitizer and wipe my hands after every game because everybody touches the ball now I noticed when I was playing pickup ball with you you wear your short pants kind of up around your armpits is that also help ward off germs that's old age well he well I've got the boot of the week okay got some sports for city water good okay what was the politically very selfish and insensitive lebron James did you see that he said of the NBA decides to play games with no fans in the stands which other sports have done now he won't play really and then he says I play for the fans about the money but the half a million dollars salary per game they can watch it on television exactly that's right so his thinking you mean it's more important the adulation he gets from the live fans than the have the fans come to wait let me say something here Warner as a as an old theater critic you know there is something to be said though when you're an actor on stage and you perform in front of a full house it does give you a kind of energy as opposed to if you're performing you know for twenty five people there you're you're not drawing on the energy of the audience have been up there all absolutely I agree but the point is it's more important for him to get the adulation and I have the fans risk the corona virus makes no sense at all so a sports event is an event of the in out of competition you know you know how the play is going to turn out they have lived the NC it's on TV it's not all will never see and how about a Benedict Arnold there's a reference for you yeah I'm sure you know when we first yeah it was it was that bad a guy okay unlike Rosemary Clooney Middle badges rose very close together to hold people already all right here all the miles to fix the Los Angeles angels this is unbelievable they have fired their long time visiting team clubhouse manager Brian Harkins because harkens gave opposing team pitchers a melted down pine tar solution and rosin so that the opposing pitchers could grip the ball better when they play the angels he is the he works for the angels what a trader wow I mean that some believe are him so what's your is that your roots what's the host with the week what's that all right so as you know Leon rose the former NBA agent value expressed in the mix for exactly and by the way let's hope he has a a prenup agreement with James Dolan he's paying everyone how many millions these patrons accident Riley and your ground but you know all these people so rose obviously looking through rose colored glasses and very good morning actually you talk about hospital yeah let's be Jewish wonder what what's wrong with you as we say in my tribe should spot that the week right with water right he is as Nick fans to be patient a couple of decades aren't enough we decide could they have made the playoffs playoffs in seven years no titles and forty seven year old boy and he's telling the fans including the nineteen thousand eight hundred twelve same suckers are go to the game every game he's telling them that the patient I want to do you watch do you watch curb your enthusiasm no our last week's edition of Larry David one of his golfing buddies committed suicide and then they said they're blaming the jets the jets observed at office team if they finally did it man so Larry David said if somebody's telling someone that their friend died is alive a diss well it was the jets he said that a little bit of next to hello super odd odd Larry David so what's a great movie just see this week what I saw well I didn't say it was great it's Jane Austen's last novel Emma Emma really pleaded and obviously obviously a wife one of the cedars no one wanted to see you water the sand where we both wanted all that that's that's what shots but that's right well if you're looking for sex violence and a horse and buggy chase the wrong movie not even a horse and buggy chasing don't go instead it's all just dialogue I mean this is ace a separate audience absolutely two hours it's a study of upper class twenty one year old English woman and it's her life and her feelings and it's Jane Austen's novel yeah but but but he by the way he's a great actor plays my father yeah but it but I love the novel and I'm a big fan of Jane Austen as lenders as well here is loves but but you don't think about Emma is what's wonderful about that book and probably the movie is the person that she should be in love with it is there all the time and she doesn't realize it at the end you just kill the whole plot what a famous novel people don't people that would fund is either what I'm getting in for Hanukkah video the joys of Yiddish they could put out it was a very famous Jewish feminist well if you don't have time for this thirty seconds that's all you got thirty go so Cleveland Browns starting offense of left tackle Greg Robinson he's god protected Baker Mayfield may for union he was arrested by border patrol agents what a hundred and fifty seven pounds of marijuana in his car and intent to sell he was slated to earn six and a half million dollars this year which of course if he's convicted found guilty can kiss goodbye but what I was thinking a hundred and fifty seven pounds of marijuana is more than an hour away your shorts up by air power it's right all right we're going to run I'm orders wait to Meryl the war they should they should give out the bar one of the Browns fans in a way they can get it just seems a lot of water on a scale of one side the marijuana side wash with his pants a birth his armpits on next stocks getting ready to tank but on the bright side you know.

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