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So he sends me on my way tells me any physical therapies, ultimately, he says, look you probably injured the tailbone livery, and it never healed properly. So so you need to build some strength around these joints. Mainly your hip joint, your tailbone joint, your back your ads, you know, you need to really build some strength, sir. Thank you so much for this information that's going to take months can do he says or basically when you're in this situation. And I know I feel bad for you. It's this is extremely pain. And that was a little bit comforting. I wasn't a psychopath in. But from seeing guys go through back injuries and how they deal with it. You know, you really are limited on your options. You physical therapy. You can do some more aggressive things with with shots into joints and things like that. And then when? Those things don't work. It's it's surgery like in those surgeries are major and you're using in your plating. And it's it's. I don't even care because hurt so bad in my neck, I've dealt with neck pain for most of my life because of this car accident. And so at this point, it's not something that, you know, something I've kind of dealt with on and off I've never taken pain pills for I've never taken muscle relaxers for I just kind of deal with it. And I realized that like I don't have to really live like that anymore. You know, my posture's terrible. It's hard for me to stand up straight. And I do a lot of strength something that I need to focus on. And he's right. So I also physical therapists, it comes to my house every week and his name is Mr. Dixon, Dr Dixon, and he does dry needling, which is really helped the muscles in my back as well. So he says me on my way says physical therapy three to four times a week. And I'll see you back in two weeks. If this doesn't work, then we're going to do some shots, basically into the joint put you to sleep Corey tells me, which I'm not real familiar with that, you really don't want that I had to my chiropractor. I trust him literally with my life. So I just lay there like a dummy. I let him do everything he pushed that little trick through my stomach four times. I wanted to just punch him in the head. But I felt decent. I got up. But usually. When he does this you guys I'm up in good. I still couldn't really walk. But it's like I took his whole lunch break because this man's booked for months at a time. I took his whole lunch break. So it's like, I'm just going to go home. So I go home I lay in the bed. Just so blip in miserable. I'm trying to figure out what sparked kind of this agonizing pain. What I did. Is it a movement that I made what is it? How can we fix it? So I mean at the end of the day, we've kind of dealt with. It was hell I couldn't do a podcast if my life depended on you guys there's nowhere. I couldn't get it to the couldn't get to the podcast. And even if it was to bring it to me in our room. I was laying on my side, and it was agonizing. But the celebration the anti-inflammatories Lee celebrates and the muscle relaxers at least allowed me to to like arch over the home. Took a six four or five days. I guess five five days. Yeah. We've all been hearing about the positive health benefits from CBD. It's a safe effective plant based approach to wellbeing. However, not all CBD is created equally. So where do you turn for a truly natural approach? Sagely naturals is just that. It's derived from natural origins source from organic non GMO hem, they triple app tests every badge. So you know, what you're getting and remove all trace amounts of THC. So you don't have to worry at all about feeling quote, unquote, high plus for those of us that are watching labels closely..

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