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Low pressure, which brought all the jackpot snows to the middle class, thinking the Northeast heading out to the open waters of the Atlantic Tonight. Finally, our wind speeds relaxing some Still dealing with some stubborn areas of flurries off to the east of the Baltimore here moving out of the Atlantic later tonight. 27 Arlo, It's cold out there in Northwest winds. Sunshine Thursday 43 rain showers Friday. 46 gets even colder early next week with some teens and twenties early next week full of guests. I'm Scott Larrimore, the weather Channel on top Pretty of 6 80 Wcbm. The Wcbm studios were sponsored by a safe retirement solution. Listen every Saturday at one to hear Rod Baro. He talked about your safe retirement solution. The views and opinions you here on talk radio 6, 80, wcbm and wcbm calm are not necessarily those of the owners, management, employers and advertisers of wcbm, but they should be radio 6 80. W. C B. You're listening to the Buck Sexton show on the most powerful name and talk talk radio 6 80 wcbm. You are entering the freedom huts, a place liberty and patriotism. Call home shoulder to shoulder to come together. Feel tying you to protect America is the Buck Sexton show Buck Sexton joins us Now We're CIA analyst, Former NYPD intelligence officer now,.

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