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When there's nothing but a slow, slow injury that your C six too high. Deep except your mom. Oh, my have cry. Silent ears for friends in a world made of steel made us Where will lose radio around. My take. Yeah, it does. He was my son. I am with you. She states. Yeah. What What is going on? He's my mind and I need to find time so lovingly call my mama said You can't help me. No, You just have to wait. She said, come easy, but it's a game up Take. You can't just go away. Just trust me. I'm wrong. Must love game. The only thing that gives you feel faint with remember, you know, just to make sure you say that. When you go home with these questions, Wait, Just wait. She said no. But I came way too soft pated blasts off by talking me knife for something. Woman time. Wait, wait. Sonny. One of 79 is the Palm Beach is Listen while you work station and regardless of where you working these days we have the most commercial free music to get you through. Your work will begin your work day with the comer. So free work day kickoff just before 9 a.m. and then 90 minutes of commercial free music. Get you home, starting at 4 30. A greatest hits of the seventies eighties and nineties on the Palm Beach is why you work stations stay. The judge takes my phone. Three. That it's only a three off Bonnie girl possessed such it's busy. Jenga. You must try to be normal Dad and me, Mother that have to do with the Oh, but a second hand boy. What you got to do with me. Hotlanta Hocking me Brother Basie. You acting confused when you close.

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