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Year. Deal and a lot of teams will space out the payments. Say It's thirty million and it'll go six ten fourteen million by year six. Is that up at two thirty okay. Six ten fourteen million. Some look and say you know what I twenty twenty year my contracts not that big the bigger years or on the back end with all that's going on in the risk of injury and everything else and I'm not happy with the deal. I'm not coming back this year. And the third part free agents who feel they could do more harm than good to their case guys like mookie. Betts and TJ JT Muto in in Trevor Bauer who become free agents at the end of the year? Maybe look and say well wait a minute. I'm in the final year of my contract Do I come back for only half a season? Do I risk poor performance? Do I risk an injury? Do I put myself kind of behind the eight ball by not having a good year with all? That's going on right now. Maybe I just don't come back in twenty twenty and hit free agency in the off season. Three scenarios laid out by the New York Post and then there Scott Boras today the agent. We heard the back and forth yesterday. Trevor Bauer basically told him to get the hell out of their business in a tweet and yet Scott. Boras said today to his clients in a memo obtained by the Associated Press. Do not bail out the owners. All part of the backdrop. So what would you tell them? Five one three seven four nine seven thousand one eight hundred the big one pound seven hundred on. At and T. R. L. Carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred w. f. down the stretch rapidly. Moving our number one darnold period sports talk within about Delta triple a nice rally this our love the input on the topic and the opportunity on twitter. Oh remember Cayo Loesch. Carlos was a red at one point. Minnesota TWINS PHILADELPHIA phillies pitcher pitched over a decade. If I remember in the major leagues cow alosha retired in a twitter spat with trevor. Bauer was making reference to some of the stuff being said from the players side of things and trevor weighed in and said and I quote. This is Trevor Bauer to former major league. Pitcher Kyle Loesch. Kyle your time as a player has come and gone. You'RE NO LONGER. Part of the player group negotiating. Everyone appreciate your time and your service. But you don't speak on behalf of the players anymore that time has come and gone for you. You're not privy to everything that's happening. Kyle Loesch responded trevor. I'm just going to chuck this went up to immaturity while your generation. It's talking Major League baseball business while playing video games and complaining publicly how the Union is doing us out of touch. Ex players. Aren't happy standing by watching. You wreck what was built. Trevor bowers response on twitter. Okay boomer ooh Scott. Boras sent a letter to his client. Scott Boras says the most powerful agent in the game represents seventy-one players his agency this off season negotiated one point two billion with a B. One point two billion dollars in contracts this off season boroughs recommended today. His Clients Refuse Major League. Baseball's attempt to cut salaries in an email obtained by the associated. Press boroughs wrote. The player should not alter the terms of their merch. Twenty-six agreement with the owners that call for the players to reduce their salaries to a pro rated base basis based on a short a shortened season on the proposal. Eighty two games the players on March. Twenty six agreed to take what would amount to a fifty percent pay cut. They said all right. If we'RE NOT GONNA play one hundred sixty to apply and we play eighty two. You can pay half our salaries borough said today. Remember Games cannot be played without you. That's what he wrote to his clients. Players should not agree to further pay cuts to bail out the owners lead owners take some of their record revenues and profits from the past several years and pay you the pro rated salaries. You agreed to accept owners now. What player to take additional pay cuts to help them? Pay these loans. They WANNA bail out. They're not offering you a share of the stadium ballpark villages or club itself. And that's the genesis for most of the argument. That Major League Baseball last year was a record industry of ten billion dollars. In Baseball's turned a profit as a whole sixteen in the last seventeen years of the owners are asking the players to give up money during tough times. The players will say well when when you were making the profit sixteen in the last seventeen years. You didn't give us any more money outside of the agreement we'd already signed the players will say why don't you you didn't us tear up our agreement and give us more money. So why in tough times for you? Should you ask us to give you give up more money? Because of what's going on back to my original point none of this. None of this should be be played out before our very eyes and ears. We should know any of this. If I were Tony Clark the union I would say look I see one tweet. One Radio Interview One TV interview from any of you and we've got a problem. Maybe that's just me Anderson. We go next time. You're on seven. Hundred wwl W speaking here. Just make my point. I was trying to make I agree with you. One hundred percent but baseball owners in baseball players sued enact a gag rule. Okay yes and here's why forty million unemployed hundred thousand dead small businesses going out of business every day. People worried about food on their table. We all are baseball. We all love sports. But we don't want to hear your fighting in the public you're going to turn people off. Yes and make them mad. Yes Yawn belief and on my second point if I could follow up because that's such a good point because I I think most understand there are things that have to be hammered out and sides don't always agree on initial offers it's called negotiating but if that all needs to take place and we accept it does you can't play it out in front of us. We just. We don't have the stomach the time the patients or interest to put up with any of it. Do it behind you if you need a yell at each other yell at each other. Don't let us know yelling at each other right and I'll tell you this My second point is My small business is sports related. Okay and I knew when the NBA canceled their season. I paused their season. That it was over for sports. Twenty twenty okay now. They're coming back with no fans. Okay so But I knew that I knew that back in mid March. Why didn't the owners know that when they were negotiating with the players? I you know I you know he should plan for this and you you made a deal you know. Sorry you get stuck with what you negotiate. Hey Tom I enjoyed this call again sometime. Thanks thank you yeah. Let's in again. This is this is more the XS and os in the negotiations in my eyes kind of glaze over but on March twenty six. I mean I remember. Sitting here with the agreement was announced. I remember the excitement of my voice. I said well look this. The owners and players have agreed was march. Twenty six that night on sports talk and I said Wow with all. Its going on agreed. The players and owners.

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