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In the investigation of a bombing at an air force recruitment centre in oklahoma usa's chris barnes reports sorties arresting ben rhodes on tuesday afternoon in tulsa it comes after someone placed a pipe bomb the recruitment centre in bigs be oklahoma late on monday night the explosion damaging the front door of the center noone was injured fbi special agent jesse rice saying that they have backed off on labelling it possible domestic terrorism but saying they still the case very seriously especially tear head on our military padded them big failed tell us yeah this is something that we do not take lightly i'm chris barnes mayor bill de blasio is pumping thirty two million dollars into a multistep plan and hopes to reduce the city's red population by some seventy percent scott pringle reports mayor de blasio says efforts in the past to exterminate rats were like bail out a leaky boat yet the water out for a while and then it would just come back this new plan aims to deprive rats of food includes replacing garbage cans with wrap proof big belly trash cans more frequent garbage pickups and a reduction in time the trash bag sit on curbs were chain you rules to require those larger buildings put out the trash in the very early morning hours as close to the pickup time as possible the pilot program starts in the grand concourse area lower east side and bushwick bed i scott pringle to your or usa radio news i'm rod william stole this is mario andretti.

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