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Mom five big number but you learn a look about iran learn things about the prophet muhammad and about how he lived his life you learn a lot about the cherry tree so you became kind of more knowledge about what's slam is about but about the other religions you just a little bit of that have you ever been to mecca you and your family all my family except me again okay real you didn't answer my questions on a scale of one to ten how religious were you i would say aid okay so suddenly someone hand you he tells you gives you a bible or says you should read the bible no it was actually me i saw look and he he was christian and i thought about him he's the perfect guy except that he's not a muslim and i wanted to be let him be the perfect man and i want to convert them to islam and i gave him and i gave him a goby of the koran you thought you were going to convert them to okay so what happened how that how that worked out i thought that he would just tell me thank you read it but that he he gave me a copy of the bible and he's all being the same time everything the on i want to also vibe him and your reaction is i was surprised i was i was thinking that you know first of all did not bibles in yemen and i didn't know why give me the bible and when i went back home i remember that he gave he gave it to me with plastic bags nobody can sit with me and the streets and i went back home and starting from the first page but i never wanted to read it because i want to understand i want read it because i want to say my book is much better than this book and from the first page i start having this kind of hard questions i want to ask him so he couldn't answer them then he would convert slam.

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