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Without power. A knife attack at a church in Nice. France has left three people dead. The mayor of these says the attacker continued shouting slogans in Arabic even after being wounded by police. The BBC's Mike sent another attack in France so soon after the beheading of the teacher Summer Party. Police shot and arrested the attacker. Ah, local member of parliament called niece a martyr city four years ago, an Islamist around a truck into holiday crowds, killing 86 People. President Macron to visit niece later in the day. Joe Biden. I'm not running in the false promise of being able and this pandemic by flipping a switch on President Trump's safe vaccine is coming very quickly. You're going tohave it momentarily will be visiting Florida later today. Not only will the two presidential candidates be in the same state on the same day they'll both be in the Tampa area. Biden will give remarks at a drive in rally while the president will hold a rally at the stadium parking lot of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Florida visits by both candidates underscore the importance of Florida on the pathway to election victory. Whitehouse corresponding Craig Clugston federal agencies or more than that cybercriminals, unleashing a wave of extortion attempts targeting the U. S health care system attacks designed to lock up hospital information systems. On Wall Street stock features, which had been positive have now turned mixed. Dow Features Air Down 32 points NASDAQ futures up 22 S and P futures five points lower. More on these stories townhall dot com If you've fallen behind in your credit card payments during the shutdown,.

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