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The uw school of medicine cantwell town halls come after several months of pressure from the liberal activist group seattle indivisible they oppose the trump administration back in april the group held a demonstration outside the seattle federal courthouse in opposition to supreme court justice neil gorsuch as confirmation now fat she would helicopter gorsuch pretty quickly thank you and thanks keep your voice well she well as that group is continued to meet weekly with senator cantwell staff and they've use calls the email social media to pressure for these town halls senator murray has also declined to hold open town hall meetings taking criticism for preselected audiences for any it she house and republicans have come under fire for not hosting town halls either congressman dave reichert says they end up being dominated by shouting activist uninterested in civil conversations carleen johnson komo news a fire spread from one home to another in renton this morning this happened near one hundred fifty seven south east and southeast one hundred sixty eight st dave nelson with skyway fire department which is helping renton in this case as fireworks in a recycling been had not been fully extinguished and that's what started the fire he says this is pretty common review at people that have just nine properly extinguished all their fireworks is her dumping wads the water either virus unity think that there's the high the give it a little tax was he of is still hotter and i therefore more water on it in not a problem about drowning agar virat overtime noone was hurt in this case fire destroyed a junk yard this morning in south king county and comas denise whitaker has morris was all happening at the federal way were wrecking which is as scrap yard there in south county propane tanks created quite a danger they had a number of cars catch fire as well the building i'm told at federal way auto wrecking yards now of total loss nobody was hurt a big fire the.

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