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Have you heard metro by t mobile now includes Amazon prime? Yes, enjoy the best of shopping and entertainment movies TV shows using free shipping and much more all included for just forty dollars per line for three lines all on the T mobile network. Discover the smarter way metro by t mobile that's genius one offer per account offer subject to change twelve ninety nine per month. Value offer valid for new Amazon prime members your customers may notice reduce speeds versus some t mobile customers video at forty p capable device required. See store for details and terms and conditions. AP radio news. I'm Ed Donahue job growth continues at a strong pace of bigger than expected to one hundred fifty thousand jobs were added to the economy last month. White House budget director, Mick Mulvaney, says there isn't much here not to like for low points. It's hard to find anything you can with typically when you see this type of sustained growth over this period of time you see job markets. This type you see wages up this this this this much on on an after inflation basis, you would expect to see inflation rise. You're not seeing it PNC financials Bill Adams was asked what the shows heading into the midterm elections shows that the US economy is is doing well, we're in the midst of a very long expansion that that began in the aftermath of the great recession, and it's taken a long time to get the economy back on solid footing. But now we are there. The economy is now added jobs for ninety seven straight months. That's a record. Stocks are shining lower in midday trading as a big loss for apple drags technology. Stocks lower secretary of state, Mike Pompeo says the US. Is reimposing sanctions on Iran is aimed at depriving the regime of the revenues that it uses to spread death and destruction around the world. Our ultimate aim is to compel Ron to permanently abandoned its well-documented out like titties and behave as a normal country. The sanctions were lifted under a twenty fifteen international nuclear deal with Iran. President Trump is tweeting what looks like a movie style poster that takes creative inspiration from the TV series game of thrones to announce the reimposition of those sanctions against Iran in Miami pipe bomb suspect, Cesar CEO, agreed to be transferred to New York to face charges of sending explosive devices to prominent critics of President Trump and media outlets today brought an end to the funerals for the victims of the Pittsburgh, cynic or a synagogue massacre. The oldest victim ninety seven year old rose Mallender was laid to rest police in New York say epithets such as kill all Jews were found in the halls of the stairwells of union temple in Brooklyn last night, a political event there had to be canceled. This is AP radio. News people living in London's Neo bankside apartment complex enjoy spectacular views over the city, but some are unhappy at being. Hang on display themselves with neighbors of the taint Linden gallery. Complaining that a viewing platform and the Tate just opposite. And that's hundreds of thousands of toys see year peer into that homes and I'll taking the gallery to coots. They wants a full gallery to close of part of the tenth throw terrace, which office three hundred sixty degree us the London. A lawyer for the Hammond is told a judge that the platform news by up to one million people a year constitutes relentless invasion of the resident's privacy, the enemies pool. It says the simplicity is for the residents to drool that blinds and as necessary to put up cuts ins Cantamessa, London, Washington. Dc city council is preparing to vote on a Bill to lower the voting age in the district of sixteen for all elections. The constitution guarantees people eighteen and older can vote but scholars say individually, the age can be lowered. Ed Donahue, AP radio news. Have you

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