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To be accurate. But every team even the best teams Kansas City last year lost to the Raiders. Kansas City lost to the Raiders last year. They're a joke of a franchise. But That's just what happens. You play that many games you're going to have missteps. And when my hope would be and what I would guess is the case is the bills just had to mist up. I don't think it's an indictment on what they are as a team and what's going to happen the rest of the season. And also at the same time talking a lot about the A F C here and what's around the bills. How about the East? How could you possibly think there's any threat to the bills after yesterday? The Jets. I mean, you knew they weren't going to be competing this year anyway. But if you needed the confirmation Carolina just not doing much at all, and the Jets just could not take advantage. And then New England. Miami. I don't know how many of you saw a lot of that game because I know the Cleveland Kansas City game was the local game here on CBS. To, uh and Mac just could I do, they couldn't do it. They don't appear to me to have the physical capabilities to be able to be franchise quarterbacks to be able to be legitimate threats to Josh Allen in the Bills. They're nice stories. They're going to be. I think teams that compete for playoff spots, But how are they going to be competing for playoff spots? They're going to be the 2019 bills. That's what they're going to be there going to be the 2019 bills. They are going to be reliant on strong defense on special teams on not turning over the football. On a good run game. And their quarterback. Just being pretty good. And in 2019, that was enough for the bills to make the playoffs. And I think that's the formula for the Jets or for the Dolphins and the Patriots. Look what they did last year or last week yesterday. There were in crunch time. Both players were asked to make a big place. And how was the game decided a mistake by the running back to a could not convincingly. Win the game for Miami. Mac Jones could not convincingly win the game for New England. I don't see either one of them as threats to the bills and the division in 2021. So if you want to feel good about the bills after yesterday Just know that while yes, the bills laid an egg Look at what was around them. Everybody outside of Cleveland and Kansas City. Did the same thing. Unless you want to qualify Pittsburgh in this regard as well. But and we'll talk about this more tomorrow. Did you see Pittsburgh? Did you see Roethlisberger More specifically yesterday. You think that guy over 17 games? Is going to make them a Super Bowl contender. The defense is out of this world. Good. No debating that. T. J. Watt. Melvin Ingram holy Cow watch some of the videos on him abusing Dion Dawkins yesterday abusing him. One of the worst games. I'm not a guy that studying offensive line film game the game. So Keep that in perspective when I say this Got to be one of the worst games of Dion Dawkins career. For the bills. Ingram just had his way with Dion Dawkins and T. J Watt causing ruckus on the other side. The secondary. Minka Fitzpatrick, making some big plays. The Steelers were everywhere on defense. So they're in the elite unit. Bought on offense. Roethlisberger just I don't see a difference. I don't see the arm strength that He didn't have last year and that there was hype about out well, it might come back because we got another year since the elbow surgery. I didn't see it yesterday. I didn't see an increase in fitness and quickness. I mean, he ran at one point and it looked like a 75 year old looked like that that one viral clip that always gets sent around when there's old guys playing in the in in in the NFL of like the 90 year old That's Getting like a celebratory touchdown in college that a good way of describing it. If you know the video I'm talking about. You know what I mean? But He just looks ancient out there. The offensive line. I mean, they couldn't run the ball at all. They drafted Nagy Harris in the first round. They can't use them. He played every snap for them yesterday, something that never happens in that position. Running backs in today's game. Do not play every snap. It just does not happen yesterday It happened with Najee Harris. How many times did you notice him? Did you notice them at all? I didn't seem to anything. He dropped the pass. At one point I remember. But in terms of the ground game, they got nothing going. I don't think Pittsburgh's legit Yes, they won yesterday, but They got the Bills worst game. And they needed a fluky blocked punt. And they needed Josh Allen to miss a wide open Emmanuel Sanders down the field for them to win. You change those two plays. In the Bills win the football game. And they cover the spread by the way at the same time. And that is with everything around those two plays being the worst game you see from the bills..

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