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Opponents. For years I was badly beaten, I will couldn't walk. He's emboldened by his last ally in Europe, Vladimir Putin and his regime of terror is spilling over into the continent. The international community, I think has started to realize that they need to show a tougher response towards Lukashenko's regime. So today we're asking Can President Lukashenko be overthrown? Yeah. BBC News I'm John Shea. EU leaders attending the G seven summit in Britain have warned their host Boris Johnson to keep his word on the Brexit deal with the block amid tensions over Northern Ireland. They said the EU was united in demanding that Britain should implement the entire agreement. The dispute centers on checks on goods and livestock that are meant to take place between the British mainland and Northern Ireland. It's strange, the region's peace deal and risks causing a trade war. Mr. Johnson has called on EU leaders to be pragmatic and compromise. Yes, Rob Watson. This is immensely serious. I mean at stake here is the stability of the peace process in Northern Ireland, also, crucially post Brexit relations between the UK and the EU. It's No less important than that. Now the European Union feels That the UK government has been sort of walking away from that undermining the very agreement that they reached, which they feel has been encouraging one community in Northern Ireland that the mainly Protestant unionist community who don't like this deal. And is agitating them. Now the UK and return feels well. If the EU was that bothered about peace process in Northern Ireland, they'd be a little bit more kind of willing to bend the rules over all this trade. President Biden's team has told the BBC that the second day of the G seven summit will focus on countering China's growing global influence. The Americans want a new alliance to rival Beijing spending on infrastructure in developing countries. The President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari has admitted that he's fails to end growing insecurity in the country. He said fighting Islamist militants in the north had led to unintended consequences with violence spreading to other areas. Chris local reports. Mr Buhari said the government was now dealing with criminals, taking advantage of a difficult situation reference to the increasing number of attacks and kidnappings by armed gangs in the northwest and central Nigeria. Present speech comes as some Nigerians have gathered for nationwide protests over issues of insecurity have freedom of speech. In recent Times Security forces have attacked protesters by fire in shorts, including tear gas to disperse them. Many have accused the government of trying to prevent criticism. Keep people who organized protests have often been targeted and arrested. Afghan officials say at least 20 security personnel have been killed and 10 troops captured in clusters with Taliban militants in the central province of Gore. Here's Anderson at their origin. The Taliban have launched scores of attacks to capture territory across Afghanistan as international forces are withdrawing from the country. In the latest incident, media reports say the insurgents have already ceased the district of luck. But there has been no official confirmation. Yet that spiraling violence has triggered fears that the country could return to an all out civil war when international forces completely pull out. World News from the BBC. Saudi Arabia has announced that its restricting this year's hajj to its citizens and residents in response to the pandemic, the ministry that manages the Islamic pilgrimage, says a maximum of 60,000 people will be allowed. It says they must be vaccinated and age between 18 and 65. Last year, Just 1000 people were permitted to perform the pilgrimage because of the coronavirus. The former parliamentary speaker in Iran. Ali Larijani has called on the powerful Guardian Council to disclose publicly why it barred him from standing in next week's presidential election. Sebastian Asch. Oh, reports A few days ago, Remarks by Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei briefly stirred up new controversy over the presidential election, which would otherwise listed little excitement. He said that some candidates had been wronged by their disqualification. He didn't mention Ali Larijani by name, but it was understood that he was referring to the prominent establishment figure. Who once represented the hardline conservative faction, but has moved to a more moderate stance. The Guardian Council swiftly made clear that it would not review its decision. Mr Larijani has now stirred things up again by issuing a statement demanding Full accounting for why he was barred. The leading Hong Kong pro democracy campaigner, Agnes Chow has been released from prison She had served almost seven months of a 10 month jail term for attending an unauthorised rally was child came to symbolize the territories. Huge pro democracy protests in 2019 The first full day of matches in the delayed Euro. 2020 football tournament gets under way shortly up First It's Wales against Switzerland at the Olympic Stadium in Azerbaijan. Wales, captained by the four time Champions League winner Gareth Bale have only ever played a two major tournament later. Denmark take on Finland and Copenhagen, followed by Belgium who play Russia in ST Petersburg. And that's the latest BBC World News. Welcome to the inquiry with me. Tanya Beckett. One question for expert witnesses and an answer..

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