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The stuff Wake up America people are talking about as well being overran our borders are being over Ray's radio 6 10 w T V. N ain't no place like a cowboy play single time like a cowboy time away like the cowboy. We have a cowboy candidate. Yeah. When you're on that whole crowd boys contained that cowboy ground ain't no way like the cowboy. We have a cowboy candidate. Yeah, particularly Your taste buds with the New Texas Pete Buffalo Chicken tenders at Roy Rogers restaurants, their hand breaded and battered and dipped in Texas, Pete Buffalo style chicken wing sauce. Yeah. Ain't no way like the cowboy way. And so I'm like a tabloid song. Have a cowboy kinda day at rolling away all going wrong day? Yeah. Try the New Texas people. Buffalo Chicken tenders at Roy Rogers restaurants, Doordash and Uber eats available at participating restaurants. Your A B c six first warning weather for the rest of today. Lots of sunshine dry, pleasant high of 80. We'll get there eventually. For tonight cloudy skies mild a few showers possible overnight and 66 looking ahead to Sunday warmer, more humid showers and storms are likely. 83 72 right now on your severe weather station news radio 16 w t v n news, traffic, weather Sports and the talk That makes sense. NewsRadio 6 10 w T V Salo offside. Think that's on your playlist. Papo, isn't it? No, it's not. But I have a question for Chuck. Here. Now. I'm assuming we're about the same age. And chucked over their mouth thing younger than you, is he? I don't know. Okay? I don't know. I'm okay. I will be. I'll be 56 here in a couple of weeks. I'll get out. Okay? But he's over there. Mouthing the words are the lyrics there? I'm a big cars guy. I love yard. Don't even know what the heck that was. That was the cars. Yeah. Summer. See, Look, Even the crowd knows. It seems to me you're on the outside looking in. Rick was one of the freakiest looking guys in eighties music. First of all, his son, I believe was a student at C. C. A D. That's what I'd always heard. And the heartbeat City album was the first time the Rx 11 drug machine was used to do an entire stop stuff. That's why we bring him off off off that for the weather. I'm possessed by Casey Kasem. What can I say, man? Cry me Welcome back, Don t or broadcasting live from this due to his early PD, Firearms and range. I'm Eric. I'm the host J. C is on the live line live line with us. My father co owner Phil, he says to my last left. Of course, Chuck Douglas is to my right guys. A couple pieces of house. Um, information that we need to get to you really quick one. Our sale continues on a bunch of long guns. If you in the market for a shotgun there, someone's here that are really really good price. Stop by and check it out. Also want to give a shout out to our good friend? Papua. She listened to this, but it affects you good friend Cardale Jones, who has a, uh, a charity softball game next week at Huntington Park has moved up now. This is at Huntington Park. It is a huge event, and it all goes back to Cardell. He's the one who put this together. And it is for a wonderful cause. We will be there. Papa will be there. And Chuck, you want to go there. I'm I. I'd love to meet him. He's in my mind. Cardio is the Buster Douglas Buckeye football. The love and respect that that guy should have received from this city just isn't there and I'd love to shake and he is. Thank you a wonderful person at that. So Next Saturday night. We will be there if you want to come check that out. Are they going to sell beer there? They probably will. Okay. There you go. My gosh, is that you're determining factor? Just no. I just want to know. Find out for the public. The public the public. Just listening. Yeah. So, guys the gun of the week here, we're going to squeeze two things in real quick. Last week, we talked about Ruger. They came out with a new concealed carry firearms. Called the LCP, Max and Wow, We got them in stores. They are here for sale. It is basically the same size as the lcp that created they've had out for a long, long time. This window. They did something with a with the magazine like we've seen the Sig 3 65 in the Springfield hellcat. They made it into like a like a in essence, a double stack. And now in this little tiny pocket 3 80. 10 plus one round you buy the extended mag and you're looking at a total of 13 rounds. Papa, What do you think of that? There's an employee that works in our store that carries a firearm eggs only holds five rounds. And he says Why do you need more than five rounds? You know l There he is. He's right next to you, Uh, Eric, but you know, that's the the The old guys had a lot Have that thinking because they don't need more than five. Well, you know, this is a very Smart looking firearm. I mean, this is great. Looks like it's well built. Um And Ruger is very reputable, but I have to draw the line. Have to draw the line. Just when you know, and the same thing happened when I was in law enforcement, you know, new things come out all the time. And you think you're all set? You know, you buy stuff. You think you're all set and then something else comes out that you have to have So as much as I would like to have this. I got to draw the line, but it does have, but I mean, maybe that front sight But if you give it to me, right, all right, all right. We'll keep that in mind, guys. While we've been in this middle, this discussion, somebody come up and jumped on and put the headset on. Actually, it was the old guy. You're talking about old guy who says he who is known to carry a five shot revolver. Bob, How are you doing? I'm doing great Baba. You might know he you see him on the sales floor. Oftentimes. I mean, you do our fingerprints. You sell guns you do about everything around here sometimes. Yes. Um, but you You know what we've been talking about this You bring in this in for a long time. Tell us what you have here. I have a Ruger P 08..

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