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In short at briar cliff high school in westchester county right before the start of a baseball game between briar cliff and irvington a small plane flew overhead for several minutes with a banner trailing behind it and the banner read fire schrader and kowalczyk now as you might have surmised john schroder is the head baseball coach bryan cliff highschool to walter kowalczyk assistant coach now this act of renting a plane to publicly and blatantly suggest that to high school coaches be fired is if nothing else deeply embarrassing to the people who live in that particular community that is instead of the focus being how the team the briar cliff team is having a great season one parent has selfishly push all that off to the side in order to make his or her point known about her own or his this case it was a woman her own kid and that of course is just not right especially if you don't have the courage to step forward and identify yourself and to explain why you feel these coaches should be dismissed beyond that it's obviously it's all about my kid not the team now the hard reality is that it's just another progressive step in the increasingly acrimonious friction between sports parents and coaches and even worse there's no sense that this kind of alienating is going to ever decrease in short as we know it again these days and it comes to sports parenting it's all about my kid not the team with a team success my kid comes first now obviously i want to get your thoughts about this case of extreme sports parenting this morning one eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six thousands of course brought to you by mohegan sun unlimited possibilities await you at mohegan sun plan your stay at mohegan sun.

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