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He does his version of we do a mail bag as well in the form of our listener questions live show. He does the written format version where he fields questions is while he doesn't awesome job. He always plugs in little anecdotes in hobson. 'isms if you will that are always enjoyable. Basically there was a question from kevin In north dakota asking about adding addition to the offensive line. What's going on with the dynegy's injury blah blah blah. The thing i wanted to focus on was at the bottom here and all highlight it because it is trey hopkins's birthday today as well on the here on the seven so happy birthday trae From what i can gather. Most of the injured guys are going. I guess it's isn't the seventh. This is the sixth. It's the sixth. Oh gosh i'm all. I'm all out of sorts. It's the sixth. but it is trey hopkins's birthday what i can gather. Most of the injured are going to be ready to go on the first day of training. Camp rights hobson center trae hopkins. Who had the acl injury. The very last game of the season may need a little more time but veteran. Billy price is ready to go in his place until he gets back in it. Sounds like hopkins has a shot to play the opener or somewhere close so this kind of still is the chorus line. We've been hearing about the recovery of trae hopkins. It's going to be cut nick close. He's doing well with his rehab. Things are looking really good for him. And if you really. I mean really for the size of an offensive lineman if you really looking at week one after tearing the acl in the final week of the season. That's a heck of a quick turnaround. So he's able to do that more power to him but you obviously want him full strength in full go And then you hope if he's if unfortunately hopkins is not ready to go when your your hope is. the ability. price is rejuvenated enabled to play adequate football. Under the tutelage of frank pollock and ability price was one of many players who was very excited at frank pollack back with the bengals. So that is an update. From jeff hobson in terms of trae hopkins and it sounds pretty good. Happy birthday trae hawkins. Hopefully you keep going up And michael jordan. Just ask how straight hopkins doing so. There's your update. Michael good to have you with us. Joining us live. Or if you're unable to join us live. Thanks for checking out the video after the fact or the audio is well. We appreciate all the support so get the show in the cincy. Junker podcast channel on your favorite audio streamers. I mentioned earlier and subscribe to our youtube channel as well. Unfortunately a bit of not so great news for the cincinnati. Bengals also came up here undrafted. Free agent darius hodge was arrested for an assault charge. From a couple of years ago He was one of the bengals. Six college free agent signings and this is gonna make his path to the team a little more tricky He was arrested sunday in his hometown of wake forest north carolina He apparently hit a man repeatedly two years ago. Twenty nineteen so this is This is an older situation in now is coming to light. I guess and so anyway he was playing. He originally committed to playing at north carolina. He ended up at marshall and he played four years there again. Free agent i. I would assume that the bengals probably had some indication as to you know as to what was going on or potentially going on here. And that's why they did the free agent route instead of. Maybe drafting him. But you know. Here's the deal Even with this as john. Sharon my co-host notes in the article on cincy jungle dot com the bengals twenty three defensive lineman linebackers currently on the roster. They always need pass rush out. They always need that kind of help but This is not doing himself any favors there and of course we'll have updates. That goes on but not great. News for dairies hodge there in cincinnati. Bengals so here are some other great platforms and other great counterparts of ours. That are putting out some quality content on the cincinnati bengals. This is from bengals. Wire buddy chris. Rolling over at bengals wire is a nice article. They're talking about bengals breakout candidates. So i recommend you read this one. Go check that out. I will say this we will be doing this. Not only on our show as well fight on cincy jungle where we're gonna be doing a little. Bit of the breakout players. We this is kind of been an annual tradition on our show ends since he jumped a website as well but you could see their jesse. Betas the You know one of the guys air That that is noted and j morrison of the athletic tab. Jessie bates is the team's biggest breakout candidate. Now again this is a little it depends on your definition of a breakout player. Right is a breakout player. A guy who has been near stardom and becomes a star or superstar. Is this you know. Is this a situation where it's a person who was kind of back on the depth chart in a sense to kind of a more starter prominent role in a productive player. Just got it. Depends but i'm jay. Morrison has jessie bates as the team's Breakout player. we're going to do more on this On this show and since jungle dot com so keep it there but it's all kind of relative in terms of your definition of what a breakout player is especially when we talk about twenty twenty one continuing on this is via bengals wire and pro. Football focus This they have high hopes the bank. The pro football focus people have been all over the bengals offense in terms of productivity and high expectations especially from their skill position players. Here's here's the fantasy outlook. This is from bengals wire and the in the information is from pro football focus but they expect mixing scores the eighth highest running back in terms of fantasy and all that kind of stuff by totaling fourteen hundred eleven yards with nine total touchdowns so that puts them a lot of put some very highly productive in terms of yards and touchdowns from scrimmage. Obviously you know there's been some. These had some health issues over the past couple of years. They have caused him to miss. Time for various amounts of stretches sometimes short-term sometimes longer uh so that's a big question but the other question also and it's one that seems to point to joe makes in being a more purdue statistically productive back it this year is because geo bernard is not really in the in the mix or a lot of the that receiving role. Now the bengals brought in. Chris evans they have puka williams as an undrafted free agent. So maybe those guys to hang on as kind of a antonio gibson esque a running back slash wide receiver weapons for.

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