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And you share who those were yeah brandon johnson ran for he ran against the incumbent cook county commissioner in the first district and he won when i woke up he was so basically the illinois i guess i need to explain this whole mariotti lost oh boy i'll get he lost a lot by quite a bit oh i thought he was he was the guy now three percents i interrupted you jesus he's all over my twitter all the time i got the feeling i some cognitive bias let me to believe he was going to do really well it turns out that all those tweets and all the celebs on twitter do not yield you know whatever two hundred thousand votes hang on yes the brakes johnny what are you the twin cities doesn't to jack never messing debra messing lakes shouldn't be in there it does not messing getting all those tweets and all the celebs it didn't do jack shit and political actions give me five dollars on my pay pal yes so we had the illinois primary probably i mean the the the funniest thing that happened was all the election results got very delayed because dupage county which is one of the real really it's very it's it's sad and so on the nose cliquot wouldn't touch this county which is which is one of the big a population areas and you know you gotta wait for those votes to come in because like i said like i woke up and do pages in and two of my racism changed do page printed the ballots on the wrong weight of paper and the the ballots would not feed into the machines and also which was pretty fun and then they had like they couldn't report the votes basically last night and what was also funny was there was a ballot initiative due county for them to dissolve the election commission because they're so bad.

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