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Cinema right cinema. She's the one who's going up against some examiner. Zona? To this story with her gets crazier and crazier. So she was at first like mocking, but she was going after voters in Arizona, and she was saying that was like meth and all kinds of stuff. So now, they're emails that show that she even invited which is to her anti-war rally. So after she was caught on video Saint a bunch of disparaging things about Arizona and Arizona voters now the democrat nominee for US Senate this what's her face Christine O'Donnell when she was like, I'm not a witch. I'm you she actually said that. So I wonder if Christine O'Donnell for one Halloween, but Kristen cinema the democrat nominee for US Senate. She says I'm not a witch, but she didn't invite them to her anti-war rally show emails this. I have so many just lulls for this beta Robert or work beta he's not going to share his thirty eight million dollar worchester fellow Democrats making democrat party bosses mad because they want the cash for competitive states. They could actually win in Texas. He told reporters after a campaign rally that he's not going to spare any expense on his own race. And he's going to spend every dime apparently out in the field ahead of election day. He goes to people wanted that contributed to me want to contribute to another campaign. They should do that. All man, that's not how it will work. Beta anyhow, a works though. I feel like there's gonna be a fight because you know, he's gonna he's gonna lose the feds collect record income taxes. In two thousand eighteen taxation is theft federal government collected eleven to freely and Capriles dollars of your money. Yeah. No. For real though. It's one point one point six trillion something in an individual income taxes and fiscal twenty eighteen of course, they also ran a deficit to that was the deficits still kick kicking. Why are we running a deficit when you're taking so much end chance the rapper muses about a potential Chicago mayoral run? He's been mulling it over. Apparently. He's been talking to some political operators including his own dad. Ken Williams Bennett, who's a longtime political op who worked for Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel. So that's something. We might be able to say and cops at a drug suspect chewed and swallowed a glass crack pipe, although Steve says chance the rapper denied it endorse somebody else, well is still thinking might be considering something. Anyway, smoking gun says cops suspect that they had this woman this crazy lady. She apparently chewed an air crack pipe to try to hide it from cops as.

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