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I mean you can take it out the dollar store i talked to him yesterday so he can get me something nice for my birthday me one of those club raincoats he be well i don't know why robes cloak raincoats hold a moment number four was when you receive a card at start actually reading the car mamma gave me a car car he had hanging around because you know some of the words was missing on the damn card the person on the car had on jordache jeans and had a shed so i'm taking the cards man give you the same amount of money as your age i don't like that not enrolls the court is nothing moment number five was realizes it makes me happy rose may be happy did i tell you i got tickets dumpsite the hammer tones i'm i just wanna copy of kills book for people to come see me and paul but gooby thirty yeah and given sherry are going to be on marlin tonight the episode inspired by the time during the morning show when marlin came by yeah very special episode huggy let's get out of here you've been listening the time doing it right back at you a copyrighted presentation to reach media created by tom joyner living by the close of mary flowers boys entertainment.

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