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News podcasts dot com America is listening to fox news Democrats and Republicans are trying to come together on a police reform bill lawmakers from both parties agree some police departments need to make some changes but those same lawmakers are split over how to get it done the house had a chance to approve their own bill on police reform it had three Republican support that effort the house bill has a number of provisions including effectively banning chill cold so no knock warrants drug cases but also eliminates that qualified immunity that protects officers from lawsuits and increases reporting and record keeping a police use of force South Carolina Republican senator Tim Scott introduced his own bill to address police report among its goals new training as well as new incentives for body cameras however Ascot failed to get enough support boxes mark Meredith a man who drove into a Walmart distribution center in northern California and went on a shooting rampage Saturday leaving him and another man dead and four others wounded was fired from his job at that center last year policing Louis Wesley lane was let go in February of twenty nineteen after failing to show up for work policing lane circle the parking lot four times before crashing into the distribution center and opening fire with a semi automatic weapon before he was shot by red bluff police officers in that slot gas prices up slightly again over the past two weeks prices rose again this time six cents over the past two weeks the new prices to twenty two it's a total of twenty nine cents a price hike over nine weeks but if that sounds big we need to recall that in the prior three months the price had crashed seventy two cents per gallon Lundberg survey publisher trilby Lundberg the lowest average price in the country in baton Rouge Louisiana a dollar seventy eight a gallon the highest right now San Francisco at three dollars fifteen cents a gallon to NASCAR with Denny Hamlin wins Sunday's Pocono.

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