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On Manor Road just off the intersection of Jarrettsville Pike, and that would be the second or the third wreck in that area this morning. I'm sure quicker with traffic and weather on the threes. We'll talk radio 6 80 double view CBM, and it's 34 degrees in white marsh 35 degrees and coffee spill and 34 degrees in Baltimore. Thanks so much that they say about what? 44 45 44 44 degrees or 46. All right, cool dudes, right. Thank you very much, Mrs. Very welcome. All right. Appreciate it coming up next one of brother for Theo. The clown car almost time for you guys to head to the big top hanging for that. Believe it, you could get help to manage cholesterol and blood sugar levels while losing weight. Rescue natural supplements has been a trusted brand for 35 years. And they bring you an amazing buy One. Get one free deal on a rescue metabolite. This effective natural supplement targets. Belly fat helps support blood sugar, blood pressure, Frank Lyssarides and cholesterol all in one daily pill. User code wcbm goals to feel the incredible difference with metabolize, Go to R E s dash q dot com That's rest desk you dot com or call 826 alive. Speak with one of the knowledgeable product consultants. That's 800 to 6 to five for a three mentioned the coupon code Wcbm goals by one rescue a tab Alak get one more completely free, lose weight safely. Was scientifically proven ingredients. Call 826 alive or go to R E s desk. You'd calm. Make sure use the code Wcbm goals that when you see me, M g o a. L s today..

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