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Were produced in Orange County as a result of the quote new ballot harvesting law. For example, a Democrat TJ Cox overtook Republican incumbent Congressman David Valve Lotto in California's 21st district who was up 6% on election night. Many lost TJ Cocks. The Democrat, won three weeks later. So the media seems very invested in trying to continue to throw smoke screen so that we do not talk about this issue of ballot harvesting. Or voter front. Democrats try to say that Donald Trump and Republicans and conservatives. Delegitimizing the integrity of our elections. Now we have video. Thanks. The project Veritas. Of a criminal. Vote collecting scheme. Happening in a battleground state. Where there is cash for ballots. The question should also be. Why's the activist media Not doing any of this investigation? The answer is easy. They have deployed all of their Infantry. They have Given marching orders. To go after every single trump supporter of significance that is any sort of following or any member of the Trump family or the president. The Democrats. No, this. This is why they believe they can get away with it. And it's only thanks to James O'Keefe from Project Veritas, who actually does investigative grassroots journalism that this Is discovered. One person one vote. That's what the greatest political document ever written. Allows in this country. That the Democrats continue to go. UN confronted They will collect ballots. Some might fill them in themselves. They'll throw away ballots that they don't like, and we have. Numerous examples of this, so stay tuned. Voter FRAUD. Israel Charlie Kirk, filling in for the great Dennis Prager will be right back. The Dennis Prager.

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