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Three one percent stocks are records we have got nasdaq higher by eleven points up twotenths of 1 percent sp up ten a gain narrow four tenths of one percent dow industrials up one hundred forty points advancing seven tenths of one percent i'm charlie pellett that's a bloomberg business flash thanks charlie if you're listening to bloomberg law on monday donald trump said his attorney general jeff sessions was beleaguered well of sessions was wasn't beleaguered then he probably is now reports by the washington post and the associated press say trump is privately discussing replacing sessions this morning trump tweeted that sessions has taken a quote very weak position on hillary clinton crimes and trump's new communications director anthony scaramucci said trump probably once sessions to resign that's according to conservative commentator hugh hewitt it all apparently stemmed from trump's displeasure that sessions recused himself from the russia investigation that step deputy attorney general rod rosenstein in charge urge and he in turn appointed special counsel robert muller to run the investigation with us to unravel all this is steve lack he's a law professor at the university of texas law school steve thanks for joining us so khin khin jeff sessions possibly stay in this job in the face of all this criticism from the man who appointed him that that's a good question echnical only jeff that can answer it you know at this point what we're seeing is the attorney general basically all but during the president of fire him on seem quite clear at least for now that the attorney general has no interest in resigning of it in making the program quite easy for him so trump seems to be good voting sessions into stepping down because the implications if he fires him are many and i want you to talk about them is would it be another instance to add to muller's list of possible obstruction of justice maybe it hard to see how fire in an attorney general who had already recused himself from the investigation you are reportedly prior to obstruct acquitted gulf the obstruction i larger problem and this is a matter of thumb legal debate on it possible depending upon how to read a very technical all that you can report active 1998 that how trump could replace attorney general jeff and we used on an active mpv made upon whether stephens resigns or fire there's.

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