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To besides Jodi Mack here in a van I think every call a bad so far somebody's at either someone else on the line or their dealing with some issue richer you ready to talk to me here on a man Jodi Mack you have my complete attention undivided is that what you're telling me you could cut it with a you know I I I'm going to echo a lot of things have been said you just said you can't catch will Wilson well it's under six six two games do you think you could pull Wilson or almost out in the last you know Atlanta game after three innings or two innings when they took a big lead and get more rest I don't know is that is that doable because because we are so thin after we lost don Smith okay we knew we were already saying we can't afford to lose any of our other hitters and and we have the so you know we didn't have but hitting like a place like but with that said a poll the Max but eating too early Callaway did I think the constant guard anything too early he only had ninety pitches okay we know the bullpen is worth a damn okay except maybe that I will see Kate so I think there's a lot of blame to go around everywhere I think I think Callaway deserves a little bit of blame for Poland Syndergaard a you know in the early and you know and the line up you know like the other caller said we're losing our hitters what about JT Davis Jesus if we lose him I hear what you're saying in your your second guessing Callaway NE and pushed all the right buttons but I hate the guys used to hit last night and the the the benches with the bench is now you pointed out the injury don Smith McNeil JD Davis comes up lame during a game so they're going to be even more short handed today I don't know why it to day to day thing with David so we got to see how it plays out that's the easy he's got to push the right buttons with the guys and he has a doesn't have all of his arrows in his quiver right now because of the injuries so I need a couple of guys to be able to step up and get a big kick when called upon like a Thomas Thomas needle who did typically do dive to plate last night a time for the win Yankee turning point in the game when you use the official hamburger sponsored the New York Yankees beat the first call to correctly identify last night to turning point in the game at eight six six five one zero WFAN at eight six six five four zero ninety three twenty six you want a pair taken to the yanks take on the open days that Saturday.

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