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Exactly the bill now on this the man the hate him recently among the magic the un man the for the the the thing no he did hear these entertainment reports in anti i'm one of three by kiss up as weird meredith biro brought up a bag of sex toy she wants vowed in that lowers office when max van and got three were guests on americans talk show last year she says she founded bag back when she was cohosting the today's show with them that told the story of how they came leader said a sec clear of is did a segment on the show and gave him new bagful of toys he said the next day laura bush was on the show at secret service sweaters dressing room and came across all the toys but he's really like you know how like trump always says something like that this is the truth is the truth i swear i swear as where like there's too much like vow dot say could come up being on its on the truth which.

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