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The Grizzlies and Saturdays playing game to claim the eighth seed in the West on the NASCAR and historic day it well, historic Daytona. It was a historic event today. Cup series running On the road course of Daytona for the first time ever a big challenge at it. Denny Hamlin here one last time trying to make history. The nine of Chase Elliott three Road course wins in a row. He's gonna win and they told us that a the solid pipes of one Rick Allen on NBC Sports Yesterday Chase Elliott held off Denny Hamlin. Too windy. Go Bowling to 35 Raid racecourse. A windfall. The late restart and was Elliot's third straight road course victory. But not only that, what about winning only the road course but the road course. Daytona. What say you, Elliot? Anyone at Daytona Special and out an hour. We're joking. They said. We had to change it to a road course to win a race here. Dear Daytona, but That was his first win here. You know, this is his home tractors from down here, so I thought that was really cool. And just a great day. Martin Truex Jr came in third fall by Jimmy Johnson and forthe next up. It's off to Dover for Saturday. Sunday doubleheader earlier in the day, it was Louisville's own. Ben Rhodes, finishing just outside the top 10 with 1/14 place finish at the Gander are being outdoor truck. Siri's race despite the finish the Holy Cross High School, I'm not remains. In the top five in the overall points standings as the trucks also head to Dover. That will be an early Friday night affair in the Katie. I office technology 200. That's a race you can catch on Fox Sports one for the first time in 33 years, and Andretti will be on the pole for the Indianapolis 500. Marco Andretti posted a four lap average of just north of 231 miles per hour to claim the top spot for the 104th running of the historic race their own. Will Clark was up there taking advantage of the sights and sounds being one of the very few crates. Intial reporters allowed in and he was able to capture Marco Andretti talking about the team putting a ton of effort into winning their upcoming race. You know, if the guy's rubbing on the car's in the shop all the way through, you know, through the offseason, we put an emphasis on on this race like a lot of people do, And finally, jockeys intending to ride in the Kentucky Derby must make it known by tomorrow They'll have to arrive and Churchill Downs no later than August 31st and will be tested at least three times before the September 5th race. Meanwhile, dramatic when the Pegasus takes over the weekend at Mama's Park to qualify for the Derby. It was the final race for the Kentucky Derby qualifying points with pneumatic picking up 20 pneumatic finished fourth in the Belmont and his owners have decided Well, they'll raise him at Churchill Downs. Pneumatic has three wins in five starts. There you go. You're up today with sports. Now at news radio, 8.

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