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Do you like the Rams for the long term? Do you like the cards? What do you think Ng? How you doing, Jr I'm good. Go ahead, Chris. Thanks for having me. Um In this case, I'm gonna go gonna be biased in going in and say The L. A Rams. Reason why. I feel if they can just keep us steady pace. Um Do do do do this is little that passed last year. Big signings and probably the captain and load graphics if they could keep a Very face. Just just because nobody in this we expect them to really and be like it made the most 773. After after after all that After all, that big finance and then then in Primus, the bust of the year. And honestly, like if If Iran honestly like some evasive is great, Sure, Jared Goff honestly needs some fine tuning worked. I feel like like, we can't understand that sort of feeling on him yet. Really? Until we leave the legit Li literally just seemed just honestly just have the point. You get benched. I said, I don't want to just count the guy out. Um okay. Yeah, That's right. That's right about most of those times, no. Still actually like that. I got decent quality isn't like a blank bottles or, or um, that's the thing is how how far is decent going to take you? Decent to me is mediocre. Decent to me is average how far his average take you, and I think that's that's that's what they have to go ahead and figure out because If he is is averaging. Thank you, Chris for calling from Alabama, You know if he is decent Indecent was going to take you to the Super Bowl. What's that going to do in the future? Decent is okay is man. How was your food? It was decent. You recommend a restaurant to somebody? Hey, how was the food? Decent? That's not all that it's not a ringing endorsement. Angelo. He's calling from Columbia, South Carolina. Angelo you are CBS Sports radio. What are your thoughts here between the cards and Rams? Thanks J R. I like the cars just for the simple fact. I do like Colin Murray. Um Like Larry procedure, even though he's been gotten older, But I think if they actually built Arizona little bit more like Kansas City, they're probably unstoppable team in the NFC. Well, damn it. They got a That's a That's a big stretch T even put out there. They got to get there. First. They got to procure that talent from somewhere. Yeah, Yeah, You're right. You're right about that one. But I'm going with Arizona used. Um, I used to be a big Aaron Donald fan. Just because I always thought he was the best defensive player in the league Back off is just Killing them right now. Well is well Yeah, he is with the turnovers, buddies. He's middle of the road. I mean, that's what he is right now. So let's let's see what that means for the future. You know, I like cup. I like Woods. Like them as as solid. And as I said, they're not. They're not game breakers or game changers. And that large way you know that's that's not where they're at. Thank you, Angelo. Appreciate you for calling up from Colombia shot out. Steffy body listening in South Carolina. Let's go to Houston. Sexists. Derek is on the line. Derek, you are CBS Sports Radio. What do your thoughts on this? This NFC West matchup. And who do you think is gonna have more longevity to compete? Heart. Ram Stan Jr. Nice to talk to you to you tonight. But for the longevity, I got to go with the Cardinals. Okay. Why is that? Just president that the gentleman dishonest Murray guy that D hop Fitzgerald better not a better coach team back then, just with the longevity I'm not. I'm not a golf fan, and I was so upset when they gave amount of money because I just can't see it in golf. Golf. That's me down every time the autumn turnover So what are your thoughts with you said your your big ram span. What is your evaluation? When you take a look at that offense, do I? I see no game changer, and I see it also in the wide receiver position. Is it a matter of golf? Is it the receivers isn't a combination. Is that the running back? What do your thoughts Mister, But I get what I'm getting. What? I watched the game this golf in his turnovers. It can't take care of the ball that's costing his games. When did all of that distance and our deepest canyon? It's not gonna hold up like that? Okay, Well, I mean, damn it. They they sure is. I'll have been holding up, but I mean, they can only do their job. They can't go out there and score the points as well. And thank you, Derek for calling up from Houston. We see this across the board. They're not the only team. You take a look at the Baltimore Ravens. Their defense is also kept them alive and kept them active. And so I was also kind of scratching my head When I saw Jared Goff, get that contract. I said Whoa! Is he a game breaker? Is he a game changer? What is Jared Goff going to do there? Earn this money. Is he going back to the Super Bowl? What the hell are you doing? Pan him retroactively. I mean, he already got paid. This guy got paid the many he was drafted. Interesting. Combination and interesting discussion there. But between these two teams in the NFC West You don't know what you're going.

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