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Sick example if there is at. At take in school the class because they were taking their kids back home. To do the tasks and they will not. Cause the the the the personal who close to this kid. And that? That's all what I have after who take care about the clock who take care about. At this school at. PS and how do the digging faction? There's no detail. About that and the government only ensure like we kind of. To the medical people like. Most of. Family that that imposible those. Walk was just GonNa say these are the questions that so many. Parents I think across the country are asking themselves. We have so many people who are trying to call I'm going to let you go to try to get to as many calls as we can, but Susan Good Luck and thank you. Susan Wang parents of a two children in Montreal. As I mentioned, we're getting some notes on social media that people are having difficulty getting through because so many people are calling this is an issue that touches so many people across the country. So do keep trying to get in touch. You can reach us at one, eight, eight, eight, four, one, six, eight, three, three, three or tweet us at the current CBC SEAN is on the line from Orangeville. Hello Sean. Hi. How are you? Doing really good. How are you doing great you're going into grade eight this correct. Yes all right and how you feeling about heading back to school. I bit nervous. I'm going to school this year but your overall pretty good. So why are you going to a new school for Great Eight? Well my family decide for me and my brother that it wasn't a four government plan going expert wasn't safe so. We're thinking about doing online then Kinda realized might. Benefit from the social aspect going back to school so. Family Cyber going back to private school was here and in. So you're leaving the public system and going into private school. Yes I am what do you? How do you feel about that? That's interesting. 'cause my mom's a teacher and so it. Goes to the kitchen. So I, think it's I think our decision for her. A bit nervous. Yeah. But for you and for your family, this was a decision that was made because you don't think the plan that's in place right now as a plan that's going to keep you healthy. No the. All the scene is like wear a mask and here could use your Omega fix a problem. My school on the cloth eight, which is like I think. Like three one third of what my class is usually. and to have proper ventilation. So I'm going to be nice proper social distancing What are you most nervous about in terms of going to new school grade eighth grade? I'm just kinda nervous because like great eight like migrated you. You already know you have your friends there. You've been at school on time. You know everybody is like it's completely new book and like it's so far off until like your school, your elementary school career. Do you know anybody who's going to the school. No You sound like a pretty social guy. So I think you'll be okay but it is something It'll be adventure certainly Sean you talk to you. Thank you and good luck. I. Thank you very much. Then you sean great student in Orangeville terrier. Andre. Picard. Are you concerned that there will be a lot of families like Shawn's who say that what is being offered in the scenarios in in public boards across this country is leading them out of public education. Or I think there's a real concern that there's an undermining of public education people who can afford it are flocking to private schools. We know that people who can afford. It are doing online learning they're creating their own bubbles with the tutors, etc. so what what the real risk here is this growing inequality public schools being even further decimated and I I think that should concern everyone in society what's The answer to that? Then there's a long piece in the Globe and Mail this weekend about that and about how this breaks down on racial lines and class lines what what's the answer to prevent something like that from happening Well the answer is to invest properly in education you know this notion, we have to have smaller class sizes. Why are people going to private schools because they perceive it as safer because the class sizes are smaller, there's no reason we can't do this in our public schools you heard earlier, you know that. This is this is an essential element, not only for a safety but for better learning I, think we know the countries that are doing best with the back to school. They had small classes beforehand and they have even smaller classes. Now, this is so essential to good learning to integrating everyone across the society regardless of class race ability, etc. All of this stuff is so fundamental at such a good investment in. Our health and the the pandemic I think is creating an opportunity that were maybe missing to to fix stuff that's been problematic for longtime Andre Picard as the health columnists with the Globe and Mail we're taking your calls this morning. How are you feeling about heading back to school the number is one, eight, eight, eight, four, one, six, eight, three, three, three Mike's on the line from Ottawa Mike Good Morning. Hi There Matt You. It's a bit like looking into the future. Your senior kindergartner child went back to school in the French Catholic system last week. Yeah. That's exactly right. You went back to school on Thursday and so how's it being for him and for you? Well. We were very much looking forward to it. our main concern really was You know he's a bit of a shy kid so we were. Looking forward to him. Yeah. Going back to school for his you know mainly social development and is emotional and cognitive development, and the thing that we've found that or bit worried about is that. He's he's gone to the classroom We knew he'd have to wear a mask to get to the classroom and maybe in common areas in the school but our understanding was for kids that age that he would be able to take off his mask in the classroom. and. The thing we've heard now is that they're really enforcing mask wearing in the room so. Bit worried about him like reading the. Of other people when they're speaking because at that age are still learning that. She's also very shy. We're a bit worried about him not talking too much and the other thing is you know as a boy, he really needs to to run around and be active and and they're encouraged to stay in their seat and just sit there all day. That's what he's telling US anyway and we're bit worried about not liking schooling more. Do. You understand the position that the schools are in in terms of all of those rules and regulations that they need. They're worried about cases appearing they're worried about the community spread, and so they need kids to you know as many people as possible to wear a mask, but also to eat as. Best. As possible to try to continue to physically distance from each other. I totally understand that but I thought that the whole planning of reopening the school. Was designed to To prevent the spread. By creating cohorts by keeping kids together and not mixing between classroom. So I thought at least in his classroom able to move around and do what he needs to do so that they can keep his attention to to keep the focus on play based learning, which is my understanding, is that the curriculum at that age is based on so that doesn't seem to be happening. So I'm just worried that.

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