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All when America and our allies no longer have terrorist threat from Afghanistan and look people the. Us invaded Afghanistan. Just after the nine eleven attacks in two thousand one they went into overthrow. The Taliban who were giving refuge to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda this morning Iran is reporting two hundred new cases of Cova Nineteen and over the last twenty four hours. The number of dead has reached forty three. That's higher than any other country outside of China and now Australia is taking drastic measures to protect their citizens. Here's health minister. Greg Hunt the travel advisory for Iran will be lifted to level four which is do not travel secondly Australian citizens and permanent residents and their immediate family from the first of March who have travelled to will be required to s-o-f-i slight meanwhile its code nineteen continues to spread around the world. It's affecting the lives of millions of people. The sees Laura McQuillan has more on how the virus is changing people's Daily routines outside of North America. People asking a really big impact on their day to day life depending with our For instance France today banning gatherings of more than five thousand people. Tomorrow's Paris half marathon cancelled Japan and Hong Kong both closing schools for at least a month. Italy banning fans from football stadiums in some places Japan doing the same with baseball. So you can see just how it's trickling down in South Korea. The government telling people to stay home. Don't even go outside and we're hearing that barely. Anyone is going outside so businesses a losing customers but on the other side of the world. It's the opposite in New Zealand. One case of Corona virus but people are panic buying grocery stores. It's hard for people to even get in the door and then there's no bread or bottled water on shelves. This is affecting global travel and day by day hour by hour more restrictions coming out and this is really just the beginning of this global spread Laura McQuillan. Cbc News Toronto Greek Security Forces fired. Tear gas and stun grenades as thousands of migrants push. Pass Turkey's borders with Europe until now Turkey had agreed to help your.

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