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Richard Avedon for us in the Home Depot Halftime report. I still can't get over 19 different rushers for the Black Knights of arming in the opening half, but But they do second half of the AutoZone Liberty Bowl Army 14 10 over West Virginia with Brian Edwards hears J Alter Kevin try keeping track of them. No, I don't want Kevin, wait to thank you. The whole people. Halftime report. Brad Edwards Shelter with you Love that. Halftime interview with AutoZone CFO Bill Giles Auto zones commitment to the military and AutoZone Liberty Bowl sponsoring this game today. Remember that when you talk about the service academies playing a power five team Navy beat a Kansas State team a year ago in the AutoZone Liberty ball, so army with a 14 10 halftime lead on West Virginia out of the big 12. Not necessarily a surprise. No, not a surprise at all. When you look at armies track record of success they've had in the last two years against power. Five teams and we'll get to that in just a second. It first. The kickoff is we're back underway in this second half. Remember, Army gets the ball waving for a fair catch. Is a J. Howard Brad continue that thought his armies offense Army coach Jeff Monk and likes to say great players don't win games. Great teams do and there's no further proof of that needed than the last two times they played Power. Five teams. Last year against Michigan two years ago against Oklahoma Army Despite having inferior individual talent took both of those teams to overtime. And so they showed the value of the team and we're seeing it again. Here today. Just another power five opponents starting from their own 25 tie. Your Tyler takes the snap, keeps it himself straight up the middle, lowers his shoulder and tries the pound his way through. It's a gain of seven, which is a very solid game firm Army offense it only mustard 83. Total yards of the first half. Compare that to West Virginia's 184 yards more than 100 yards more than army And yet the Mountaineers trailing by 4 14 to 10 to start the second half and a great start gain of seven or so on first down, and you wouldn't guess it, considering they have the lead. But that was one of their better offensive plays of the game so far, second and three from their own 32 tire under center hand off to the big fella Anthony Adkins, pushing the pile forward for a first down. That's the best Run up the middle on the Stills brothers, Darius Stills in all American nose tackle for West Virginia. But there couldn't get the stop on Adkins and allows army to gain a first down and every team that defends this offense will tell you If they start to establish the fullback, dive, you know you're in trouble. First and foremost, you have to stop that. And for the most part today, they have all the way to the Army 38 yard line for a 1st.

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