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It's basically saying that that That cartoon characters are spreading the disease and it was accepted for publication and it was written by by. Bruce wayne was one of the authors. Was the lead author in there. You go and so they they. They actually were able to get that published and then it was cited which is really hilarious. There's actually a quote that he includes from his his pure reviewed article so he says some would argue that editors cannot recognize. Poke on names like you just said kevin lines in the tax such as quote a journal publishing this paper does not practice pure view and must therefore be predatory or disinvited article a predatory journal. That likely does not practice. Peer review end quote would have tipped off anyone who bothered to read the articles. So he's writing in the story that this is bullsh- yes yeah he basically torpedoes zone thing right. And then what's so funny is even though the scott published. It was cited by physicist in tunisia. Who cited the poco article is one of the one of these things And that was published in the international journal of engineering research and technology so he cited the article and the made up references. Which which again shows that. There's absolutely no oversight. You know these are predatory journals that publish anything you said. It's incredible okay. So let's talk about how significant a problem. This is at one point. He makes which is encouraging is that academic institutions are wising up to this problem and so when they're looking at Cv's for possible Employment for people that want to work. There they're recognizing okay. We need to look out for publications in these bunk journals and over time. Hopefully and speak to this. Because you're an academic overtime that's going to minimize this. This problem will stop sending their articles so these journals knowing that it's not going to improve their reputation and i'm sure that most academics don't know which journals are predatory or not. It takes a lot of work like as a as a journalist. If i see a news article. I have to go. Check the reference and make sure. It's a legit journal that it has a real impact factor. Otherwise you know. I risk harming our reputation. So i think academics probably have that same incentive. Yeah it's really tough especially for junior faculty where the pressure to publish his extremely high and you get a solicitation that says you know the the east african journal of horticulture and we turn around your article twenty four hour review seven hundred and fifty dollar publishing costs and one of my former students actually got trapped in that..

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